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Few days ago I saw the movie, and I want to pen some lessons here.

Learn to distinguish between love and need. The lady needed the man to feel secured. She felt so insecured without him. The man also needed her to fund his dreams.He was just looking for free meals while dreaming. Even though security is one of the greatest need of a woman in marriage, the truth is most women seldom find security in a man. You need to be secured in who you are. Love yourself for who you are without seeking for that validation outside. Be secured in your beauty, prowess and courage. A man that is not secured can’t give you security.

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PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT YOUR FAMILY IS SAYING. It is true that we may not always agree with our parents and siblings, but trust me, 80% of their fears are valid.They have known you longer than anyone else, and can easily spot a wrong person in your life. You notice that the lady’s siblings never supported their relationship from the beginning. It’s not everyone that disapproves of your relationship that is jealous of you. Most times, young people think that their unmarried friends are just jealous of them, hence their disapproval of their spouses. Family knows you better than you know yourself. Ask divorced and unhappy women and they’ll tell you that their parents didn’t like the person they married. And please, this is not in all situations, but in majority of the cases.

NEVER LOSE YOURSELF FINDING ANOTHER. Relationship is beautiful when there is mutuality.Both partners should contribute to the success of the relationship. No woman should fund a man in the name of “he has a dream”. Let him work to keep body and soul together while Waiting for the big break. We all have big dreams, but we have to do ” small works to take care of our immediate needs before the millions begin to roll in. And don’t feel obligated to do it. Offer a helping hand but don’t drown yourself because of another Man’s dreams. You may not be his dreams when the dream has come through.

NEVER GIVE WHAT YOU CAN’T WALK AWAY FROM. I’ve always told women that it is High expectations that fuels bitterness, hatred and hurts. Do what you’re comfortable with and walk away without losing yourself. Any man that loves you will stay irrespective of what you didn’t give. You can’t buy a man with your money. Live life with the consciousness that people change, preferences change, and if he leaves, you’ll be fine.

BROKEN MEN NEED STRONG WOMEN. What the man needed wasn’t someone to feed him, clothe him, pay his bills etc. What he needed was a woman who was strong enough to look him in the eyes and tell him to sit up. He didn’t need a woman who will pity him, he needed a woman who will challenge him. And that’s exactly what the second woman did. Never try to fix a broken man. Challenge them to rise up and be a man. Don’t make excuses for him. Show him it’s possible. A man will prefer a woman that challenges him to greatness to a woman that spends on him.

6. LEARN TO MASTER YOUR EMOTIONS. If you have a temper problem, deal with it. Why should you die because of another person’s decision. Don’t forget, LIFE IS FOR THE LIVING.


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