Personal Opinion on How the Scripture God Will Supply All Your Needs is Widely Misunderstood

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I don't know if this happens to anyone or just me. Sometimes, whenever I want to ask God for something, I try to make excuses for Him. I will begin to think maybe I am asking too much. Sometimes, I will say to myself "why are you bothering God with these things, are you the only one on earth. Don't you know that there are more pressing and urgent needs that God needs to attend to". These questions will sometimes run through my mind and before I know what is happening doubt will set in. Most of the time, I will begin to see reasons why my request may not be granted by God. For most Christians, even before asking anything from God, we have concluded deep down that we ask too much from God, hence, cutting short our expectations. Some people are afraid to ask God for what they think is impossible to have for the fear of being ignored.

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God has so much to give, but do we have what it takes to ask and receive from Him? There are different categories of expectations ranging from the smallest to the largest. One quality that determines the level of expectations you can have of anyone is faithfulness. Faithfulness in this context refers to reliability, honesty and truthfulness. If an unreliable person makes you a promise, it would be difficult to base all your expectations on such promises. Sometimes, even when dealing with men or women of integrity, there may be extraneous factors outside their control that makes it difficult for them to deliver on their promises which is understandable, but when dealing with God, it is a different ball game. Not only does His level of integrity accommodate small expectations, but also great expectations.

The truth is before you doubt whether God is capable of attending to your needs, you should first get to know the person who has made the promise to attend to those needs. God has great promises for mankind. His word is infallible. It has integrity. Jesus has given us the grace to ask of anything just like the bible passage we just read. We don't need to make excuses for him or think our needs are way too big for him to handle. There's nothing too difficult for God, all we need to do is just ask. We can have great expectations because God has given us great promises and He is committed to fulfilling it. God remains faithful, He has ability, capacity and integrity to fulfil any promise He makes even beyond our expectations. Hence, He should be believed. The issue is, how far can you go in believing that God can supply all your needs according to His riches in glory?

God has given us a name above all names. The name of Jesus in which we can ask of anything at all and it will be given to us provided we have strong believe in whom we ask of and have the right motive for asking. We must ask for us to receive. Let's get this straight: To wish for something is different from asking for something. You might wish to have something, but decided not to ask God for it. The bible says our prayers shall be answered according to His will not ours. Now, most of us get discouraged whenever we don't get what we've been asking for, but the question should be, what is God's will concerning what we are asking for. God knows the best and sees the future, but we are limited to the present.

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