My Toxic Friends and How My Life Changed after Parting with Them

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Have you ever felt like all of your friends were against you and were wondering where you went wrong, If so, I have also been in this situation. Scientific studies have shown that people who have healthy friendships feel less stress, and they recover more quickly from heart attacks, also they are less likely to catch the common cold. But not all friendships have a good effect. Some friends will lie, betray and insult. Something I've realized is that my mom always seems to know who my true friends are. True friends should always be there for you and should never put you in situations to knock you down but a couple of months ago I was put in a very hard situation and It made me realize that I need to pick my friends wisely.

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The situation started when my best friend started to talk to this boy who later ended up being her boyfriend. My best friend and I used to talk every day and be so close until her and her boyfriend started dating, this really hurt my feelings that we went from talking everyday to barely at all and she didn’t seem to think this was true. I had confronted her about it so that we could talk about it, I tried to start the conversations, and also I just ignored it sometimes even when I was alone. Later on, my other friends noticed and they didn’t understand how I was feeling either so I began to think that It was my fault that she didn’t want to hang out with me anymore. Then, everything changed, My friends, my best friend, and her boyfriend brought me into a room to confront me on their relationship. I was so confused why it was happening to me and what I even did in the situation, it started with my best friend leaving me for her boyfriend and ended with all of my friends leaving. Later on, one of the friends who was in the confrontation apologized and said that he was wrong for not defending me during it. But if your friend apologizes but does not change their behavior later on, that's a red flag and may mean they were only apologizing in the moment. I now realize that no matter how much I loved these people they might not be the people I should surround myself with. You should surround yourself with people who love you, support you, and ultimately are there for you no matter what. The people who you are around can affect your overall being and since I haven't talked to these friends, I have felt so much better about myself and I have been in much better moods more often. Quality friendships should make you feel good about yourself, they should also bring energy into your life. It may be hard for you to realize that some people are bringing you down but when you finally surround yourself with people who care about you, you will know you chose right.

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