My True Love To Filmmaking And Photography

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I was immediately fascinated by the process of making films within my Film GCSE and this aspiration continues to grow as it provides me with a sense of euphoria in all aspects from pre to post production. It’s the power of being able to bring your ideas to life. I’d like to explore alternative cinema, i.e. experimental digital media and develop transferable skills like working with groups on professional sets. Personally, I use filmmaking to tell a story whilst engaging the audience through a visual means and I feel that through higher education and continual practice of the subject I will be able to master this skill. Filmmaking gives you the ability to captivate and create true emotions in the audience. When curating a film, you have to think about the psychological impacts it’ll have; films are fiction and it is ultimately that artist’s vision relayed through imagery.

I feel that one of my greatest inspirations within documentary film is Stacey Dooley. Since I’m currently studying Creative Media Production, my adoration for the study of film is set in stone. BRIT has helped me to develop my technical skills especially within the Adobe packages and camera, as well as heightened my directing abilities and understanding of individual genres. I’ve found my specific passion within the industry (reflexive and impressionistic documentaries) and my desired profession which is to be a producer. Based on the subjects I’ve studied it’s clear that I’ve channelled my studies to relate to what I’d like to study at university and for my future career path.During the Autumn 2017 and Summer 2018, I spent a lot of time working on short film projects through the insight’s programs/ taster days at Greenwich, UAL, SAE Institute, Escape Studios & Ravensbourne. Working with a vast range of universities has given me the chance actively to create films and learn new skills in my free time. I’ve also worked on corporate films with small companies (The Wings Spot, Reine Noire Boutique & Beth Novae Music) to help boost my versatility within my filmmaking.

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In addition, I’ve worked in correspondence with Playback Studios to make a documentary called migrant narratives which displays the stories of young migrants into the United Kingdom and how their lives differed from being in their home countries and here. Another great passion of mine is the study of psychology, although I haven’t looked into it academically I do frequent research into studies on how the human race evolved based on social and cultural upgrades; specifically, within modern society. Photography is also another one of my best abilities. Photography is a medium used for expression and I continually practice it in order to develop new skills as there is always something new for you to try out and develop.


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