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After spending 3 years in a middle school where you are able to act immature and Irresponsible, you are then thrown into a world where you are expected to mature over the three-month break. I didn’t realize that in my earlier high school years how important my school achievement would be to my future success. Thus, because of my lack of concern for the future, I am now applying to college with an inaccurate measure of my capability to perform at a college level. If I had only put forth the effort in my school work, which I was capable of in my first three years of high school, instead of thinking of high school as a time to hang out with friends and socialize, my GPA would show what I am truly capable of achieving. If I had taken full advantage of my earlier years, I could have been a school’s dream applicant.

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Since the start of this school year, I have made a serious endeavor to improve my work ethic. From this effort my GPA is increasing and my study habits are becoming much better. Though, after not performing up to my ability for three years, my GPA is unable to show the change that I have undergone since the start of the year. I have matured and am determined to try to reduce the damage of my past actions. With my new insight on why I have to work to my full ability, I have vowed never to regress back into the slacker I once was.

As I look back, I feel that it was my incapability to choose my classes that led to my lack of interest in classes, which only fed my desire to socialize instead of work. I prefer to follow my own interests and am very excited to be able choose my own schedule in college. While I realize that college will be considerably more demanding then high school will ever be, I have found that it is significantly easier to study for a subject that I have an interest in.

Equally, I know that as long as I am in school I will be required to take mandatory classes, which I may be less then thrilled to take. Nevertheless, with my new view on what I must do to succeed, I will not let these classes ruin my goals of achieving my college degree. Besides, these classes will help make me a well rounded person, which will help me in my future life.

I know that I will take pleasure in the independence of life away from home by the fostering of future friendships will only add to this experience. I know that the classes will be demanding, but I am willing to do what it takes to arrive at my future goals. I guarantee you that I have the potential. I am a changed person, hopeful that my past irresponsibility will not have a permanent consequence on my future.

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