My Unwavering Determination to Become a Doctor

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During a family vacation to Ghana, I ended up spending the majority of the time on a sick bed having been bitten by a mosquito and treated for malaria. I was not correctly aware of what was going on, from the procedures, to why there were several drips connected to my body, but, I was intrigued and excited to find out and learn more about the profession; this was my initial motivation to study medicine, driven by the thought of hospitals being exciting places with new things always happening. As I have matured, this novelty of an idea has worn off, yet I am still left with an unwavering determination to become a doctor realizing that doctors are involved in far more than just medical diagnosis and treatment but also community healthcare, medical research, and education, all with the underlying aim to improve people’s wellbeing.

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To ensure I made the right career choice, I organized work experience to explore the art and science of medicine. Observing doctors, I have seen various aspects of their job, from ward rounds to theatre work where I even witnessed the amputation of a diabetic gangrenous foot. When I discussed with doctors the patient’s postoperative management, I noticed the compassion and composure displayed by doctors when talking about sensitive cases. Through this experience, I acquired an insight into the world of medicine and an understanding of the characteristics a doctor must possess, notably being kind, caring, friendly and most importantly approachable at all times, all of which I believe are qualities of my personality. Furthermore, an aptitude for curiosity has made me arrange for further work experience in Ghana, where I am in contact with the medical staff at the Korle-Bu teaching hospital. At the end of this experience, I hope to gain exposure to the medical needs and understand how medicine is administered elsewhere compared to the UK.

As an A&E volunteer, I have seen the mass of practitioners that doctor’s lead and worked alongside. I have been privileged to attend meetings and witness A&E trauma cases, including an endoscopic endonasal surgery where surgeons, consultants, nurses, and physiotherapists showed commitment and worked efficiently together as an impressive team. Being around these professionals, I have recognized the importance of effective communication, dedication, patience and tolerance; skills and traits, all of which I have honed and put to use in working as a science teacher at Southfields Academy XL center. Here, I teach a diverse group of individuals including, the mentally ill, students with behavioral problems, and students with learning difficulties such as dementia and dyslexia. Building trust and understanding their needs is hugely satisfying but spurring me on, although exhausting, is the challenge to get students, especially the disabled, to believe they are capable of achieving success. Volunteering and working as a teacher has not only laid down a foundation for some skills I will need but also reinforced that a career in medicine is for me. Beyond the field of academics, sports has always played an essential part in my life. During my time at Queen Mary University of London, I captained the men’s first football team and nominated as the player of the year for two years in a row. I coordinated and led a committee that challenged for trophies and fought for fairer blue legislation, and In doing so, I was able to improve the attitude and vision of my team. Beside university football and alongside fulltime work, I captain amateur football team and deliver basic football control techniques and fitness sessions to help improve player stamina and confidence as a coach. Sports has reinforced the importance of motivation and commitment and developed my leadership skills, as well as increased my understanding of interpersonal qualities that would significantly help me in a medical career.

Giving me a chance to study medicine will make the journey through my life exciting, but, the ability to apply the knowledge and experience gained in the process to improve the quality of life and provide quality healthcare especially to the underprivileged, an area of medicine I have noticed to be underserved, will make my life more meaningful. I understand, although exciting and rewarding, it is also challenging at times. Hence, I do not expect the journey from studying medicine to becoming a doctor to be easy, but I have always shown commitment to achieve my goals, and I am very excited at feeling ready to enter such a challenging field.

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