My Utopia: Perfect World of Peace and Prosperity

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My Utopia: Perfect World of Peace and Prosperity

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Table of Contents

  • The Goal of Utopia
  • Rights and Obligations
  • Education
  • Politics
  • Economic and Social Spheres
  • No Discrimination
  • Science and Technology
  • A Withdrawal of Religion
  • Media

My utopia would embody a global utopia in which I will create a world that is based on freedom, and equality. We the people of this great utopian society will have power and a voice in the making of our own lives. We the people would base our lives on the basis of domination and durability. Essential living conditions would play a huge role in the way we live our lives and the way we work as one society. Living in a global utopia will create opportunities for far greater power in a society. This society would be a total opposite of a communist country, in which the government plans and controls the economy.

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The Goal of Utopia

The goal of my utopia is to establish a glorious, perfect world of peace and prosperity. In my utopia citizens will strive for greatness and always push themselves to be the best citizen they could be. The main goal for all citizens would be to live a life in a perfect society, allowing them to create their own path in life. Fundamental values would include accountability, discipline, integrity, and kindness. The main goal for my utopia is to keep my utopia going for many generations, and to champion a lifelong commitment to learning, and ethical leadership. Individuals would choose their own goals and values, but would be strongly encouraged to represent the values set forth by the utopian ideology. In doing so, citizens will become very close with one another and begin to build relationships that will change their lives forever.

Rights and Obligations

All members are subject to taking a personality test before officially becoming a member of the society. This test would allow me to distinguish who means well for a global utopia and who is trying to abuse all privileges of my society. I will make sure that my society is diverse, allowing for people to receive a better understanding of different cultures and have a better understanding of human interaction. Just like our society today, citizens will have rights. Citizens will have the right to freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and freedom of religion. Most importantly citizens will have the right for due process of law, which would grant fair treatment through the normal judicial system. Members in this society will have duties as members. You must respect the rights, beliefs, and opinions of others. You must participate in democratic process, serve in jury when called upon, and respect and obey laws. These duties would be idyllic for creating a strong and peaceful society, along with creating a sense of supremacy for citizens.


Education in this utopia is essential. Unlike today Grades would be eliminated and class rank would be eliminated, causing less pressure on students to receive perfect scores and more focus on learning the material handed to you. Again, this is totally different from what we are seeing today, where children are being forced to learn things that are not of their interest but are in the interest of government. Children will be pushed to pursue their own interest and develop critical thinking skills through personal development courses. Giving students the choice of classes will make them feel more involved in their education, and therefore, more interested.


As for political theories, a participatory democracy would be what we intend. This means that individual rulers would be abolished, but instead citizens would be in charge of making major decisions at open conventions. Citizens will discuss issues and attempt to reach an agreement before taking proposals to a vote. This would be beneficial to the community, allowing them to voice their opinions on matters, rather than live in a society where an individual ruler has all the authority and decision making. Citizens will be granted the power to decide on policy proposals and the politicians will take the role of policy implementation. In theory it eliminates political oppression, and creates an equal political culture for its citizens.

Economic and Social Spheres

The best way for a community to sustain economic growth is to have every citizen pay an equal amount of taxes. These taxes will go to the communities’ upkeep, such as housing, transportation, and governmental services. It is essential for a community to charge a small fee annually because if not then your society would be run down and un able to live in. however it is imperative that the community has businesses, allowing for more job opportunities. All citizens will may chose the job they desire, with the respect that all jobs pay different. Doctors, lawyers, and government officials will be paid higher. Goods and services will be provided for all citizens no matter if they are rich or poor. Citizens must work 25 minimum hours a week, and must maintain good economic standing.

No Discrimination

Males are looked at as stronger and smarter, while females are looked at as fragile and quiet. Imagine a society where those attributes are diminished and men and women hold the same values and powers. The primary focus of this community is to eliminate domination, and strive for partnership. Men and women would have equal rights and responsibilities. In this community sexuality is treated all the same, no matter if you are male, female, heterosexual, or even gay. Men and women will be encouraged to live together and start a family. A society in which no one is discriminated against because of race, appearance, or sexual orientation is one that strives for decades.

Science and Technology

Science and technology are two of the biggest components in my utopia. I want a society in which scientific research and technological development are highly encouraged. We would do extensive amounts of research on new and improved ways for developing solar equipment. We would do a great deal of research on nuclear power and nuclear weapons, with a common goal of limiting this product. We would also continue to strive in the industry of technology, with an effort to provide citizens with the most up to date electronics. I would also use research to expand my utopia. An expansion would create more opportunity for citizens and bring more people to my utopia.

A Withdrawal of Religion

My utopia would emphasize for a withdraw of religion. We would push for a way of life in which social consciousness and love for our citizens would replace what we now call religion. The goal would be for citizens to transform from their respective religions and ultimately become one community with a dedication to love, prosperity, and freedom. This will limit the amount of hate in the world and will push citizens to become closer, with one common goal, which is living the best life you can live with the best people you know.


Media would be important in my utopia, but media would be very different than what it is now. In my utopia citizens would be encouraged to participate in some type of media such as photography, paintings, literature, and music. This would expand the present situation in which many few people participate in art and media. Unlike today, there will be no media censorship. All media and art will be able to express whatever they please. Hiding videos and pictures from citizens is extremely disappointing, showing everything will allow the community to see what needs to be changed and what is going well.

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