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My View On The Equal Status Of Man & Woman

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I’m a female and I know it’s ironic coming from me but before you go judgemental, let’s reason it out together. It’s really Feminism is overrated. I see different women wake up each morning to doll up themselves with a title ‘FEMINIST’. Yes, they fight against women trafficking forgetting boys are in this position too. They fight against rape but forgetting boys are being raped too. I’m not against all of these odds. In the midst of these all, they fight for themselves.

We all know they have been deprived for such a long time, underestimated, abused and sold to slavery. Afterall, I wouldn’t probably be here if it were for women throughout history for my right to have a voice. But what is really feminism? According to Merriam Webster Dictionary “Feminism is the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities.” The word is ‘equal’. E – Q – U – A – L equal. We need that word for us to be able to undertand one another.

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Thich Nhat Hanh one said “Understanding is Love’s other name. Do we need labels? Yes, we need labels to define us. Actually no, we don’t need any labels to define us. Now we see, we put gender qualifications in a lot of things; girls and boys colors. Pink is for girls and Blue is for boys. Carpenters is for boys and Maid is for girls. But unfortunately these profiles focuses on our differences. If all we do is to focus on our differences we can’t see our similarities we can’t come to the middle. See in U.S, these feminists are taking their opportunity to fight for what? ABORTION! Sorry for the but WHO THE HECK has a state of mind that would like to kill a life inside her womb? That is innocent on your stupid doings and is she the one to blame on your own faults?

There are many social issues that needs more of our attention. We need to make people realize how patriarchal they are in their mindset, even if subconciously, but with convincing debates not vaunts. We all need to be mature and compassionate towards people who are lacking with sensor of understanding things around them. The way how you rationalize the people you’re interacting with, without any judgements, accepting each other socially. Being occupied playing the victim or selecting bias. We dismiss the individual personal narratives. Remember true equality is not the superiority of women, but the equal status of man and woman.


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