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My View on the Philosophy of Christian Education

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My own educational philosophy would be that children are more susceptible to learn when they are in a comfortable environment, where teachers get to know them personally and that making sure that each student has the opportunity to reach their full potential for real-world problems to exceed in their life. The philosophies, Humanism and Progressivism, are the most similar philosophies to what I believe. Humanistic education should be used in all types of schools and all curriculums because it is supported by years of research and proof of how effective it is at teaching a variety of skills needed for functioning in today’s society. Progressivists believe that students learn best by what they think is most relevant to their lives, with the curriculum surrounded the needs, experiences, interests, and abilities of the students by making school interesting and carefully planning out lessons.

Schooling is enforced in most of the world to make sure the population stays educated and makes smart decisions to keep the world going. Schooling ensures that the world will not be overpopulated with unintelligent people. We need mankind to be bright, and clever so that we can continue to find out new ways to make this world better. Yes, teachers need to educate on basic subjects like math, but we also need to give more of an abundant opportunity for classes that will help our future generation in life. Classes like this are available in high schools but not many elementary and middle schools give students opportunities to learn these valuable skills and knowledge. I believe the best way to teach is all ways, for the purpose that all children learn differently, some learn from hands-on work, others learn from lectures and visuals. I believe it is wrong for any teacher to only teach one way because then they are not helping the students that do not learn in that way at all. Teachers also need to have days where they work individually with students that are struggling because sometimes children just need to have the teacher explain to them personally. Some students are also just too shy to ask the teacher a question about what they’re learning in front of all the other students, so in an individual setting the child would be more comfortable learning it. Schooling is very important for every child to have, and I believe if the teacher teaches in all these ways described that every child will grow up to be very educated and could change the world with confidence.

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Humanistic education is defined by Howard Kirschenbaum, as a humane approach to education that helps students believe in themselves and their potential, encouraging compassion, understanding, and respect for others. “Affective and cognitive needs are key, and the goal is to develop self-actualized people in a cooperative, supportive environment,” stated David L. (June 12, 2015) Humanism in Learning Theories. This is saying in humanism all needs have to be met and a supportive, comfortable environment is much needed to achieve all goals for the students. Abraham Maslow is the philosopher of humanism, he created the Maslow Hierarchy of Needs which has five levels of needs. This is a motivational theory that shows while people are aiming to meet basic needs first, they will then aim to meet successfully high needs. The lower levels need to be met to meet the higher levels, (Psychological, Safety, Belongingness/Love, Esteem, and Self-actualization). Maslows’ philosophy was very successful in teaching priorities to meet full potentials.

Progressivism believes that the learner is the problem solver, who makes meaning through his/her individual experience in the physical and cultural context. John Dewy was the philosopher of progressivism. states, “One of his tenets was that the school should improve the way of life of our citizens through experiencing freedom and democracy in schools.” John Dewy started a great philosophy that leads to students currently getting to pick some of the subjects they learn in schools that will help them in their own futures. He believed that students would need to exercise their brain by problem-solving, and critically thinking so that learning would become easier and they would know everything that is needed for life once they get out of school, such as changing a tire, and traditionally learned skills like complex math.

My philosophy of education is that children need to learn in a supportive environment where the teacher gets to know each student entirely and personally to help them reach their full learning potential to be able to solve world problems in their future lives. Humanism and Progressivism are educational philosophies that relate to what I believe. Schooling is very important for every individual and will continue to be for every future generation. Children will forever need to be educated on traditional and world knowledge to prepare and be ready for their future. Educators need to make sure they try every approach until the student completely understands what they are learning, every child is equally important in education and should be treated as so. 


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