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My Views On Genetic Manipulation And Embryonic Stem Cells

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Embryonic cells are produced from the abundance of cells inside a blastocyst. They can become any cell in the body. This is said to provide the vision of the causes of birth defects like Down Syndrome, genetic laws, and many other health diseases and also potential treatments that could help us. They are said to be taken from a four to five-day-old blastocyst which is the forerunner of a fetus and consists of roughly 50-160 cells. Many people think that it is unacceptable because they are destroying the fetus. I also do think that it is unfair that in this process fetus are destroyed but I also read up that sometimes the cells are not taken from the uterus but rather it is more of IVF this is where an egg cell and sperm cell are combined to create embryos if the woman is unable to have babies or is infertile and that they use the cells with the donor’s full consent.

An ongoing idea that got me interested was Genetic manipulation where they use techniques to determine functions of particular genes. It says that being able to control the effects that genes can have on human health holds both assurance and risks. It is possible that the future could be free from distress of genetic diseases but we fear for a genetically-engineered world. I cannot imagine people choosing whether their fetus should have hazel eyes, or curly hair as I think it is unacceptable that we should want to change how humans should look like.

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The question that people are asking themselves is “is there anything inherently wrong with genetic modification?”. I think it is unnatural to be changing the human genome and goes against my beliefs. Yes, they do want to free us from genetic diseases but humans could go further and do technologies and could potentially change the way humans are. While using embryonic stem cells, they could produce certain cells like nerve cells and heart cells and provide insight on what goes wrong in certain diseases that there are or they could even study these cells on how they respond to new drugs.

Embryonic cells are at the moment being tested as a treatment for heart failure and type 1 diabetes. Testing is in the process where six people in France who suffer from heart failure will be given unripe heart cell patches made from stem cells and their hope is that this will help regenerate heart muscles that are destroyed by heart attacks, while embryonic stem cells have both negative and positive sides to it. From genetic engineering to treating heart failure and what these kinds of cells could do to help us to nurse certain illnesses that we’ve been trying to find solutions to for ages.


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