My Views on Leadership Styles and Leadership Effectiveness

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According to my understanding old and recent leadership theories and approaches like servant leadership and different leadership styles not only facilitate leaders, peer leaders in motivating, controlling and mobilizing their followers/admirers, but also transformers unguided groups to a winning team by providing them right direction for their struggle to achieve desired result. Moreover these leadership approaches shape individual capability development to take independent decisions in critical scenarios like emergencies etc. By going through this exercise of reflective writing, I have learnt many essential things like for becoming a leader it’s not the standard at any sector or at platform that one should be God gifted with strong leadership qualities or ones ancestors needs to leaders. Leadership is something that can be developed by following or idealizing someone as role models right guidance. Furthermore for strengthening leadership traits periodic motivational trainings and leadership development workshops, presentations, sessions need to be practiced at college and university level so that all among graduating students we can find healthy potential leaders for future.

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The second most essential thing, I have learnt is that role of gender is somewhat important in leadership as female leader influence is mostly less effective than male leadership effectiveness, as male leaders mostly prefer authoritarian leader ship with slight touch of paternalistic leadership style. Female leaders on the other hand prefer to work in support of some coworker so they totally go for paternalistic leadership style. So the male leaders influence as an effective leader is strong as compared to female leaders.

The third most important thing revealed to me is that in most recent times game based learning approach for leadership development will be used. Moreover factors like strong compulsion to use ethical practices in all matters by leaders eradicates all types bad practices among team members like delaying of assigned task ,laziness in exceeding time lines and corruption etc. that can affect the efficiency , motivation and the loyalties of followers with their leaders. As a result the over productivity of group or party will be enhanced as all team mates are well aware of the fact if we want enjoy support of our leader in any autonomous decision then by virtue we have to follows ethics of leadership as there will be a promised always support by our leader for the right cause. In most recent era leadership ethics will be practiced in all levels in corporate sectors under the umbrella of servant leadership concept.

From decision making perspective if take an example of business leadership where business ethics are to be strictly practiced by the leaders for autonomous decision making we can prominently see that nothing can stand in their way for doing great things like corporate social responsibility programs like Pakistan Tobacco company used to plant one tree against each cigarette pack for reducing the effect of atmospheric pollution caused by cigarettes. On the contrary if this was an unethical business leadership practice at Pakistan Tobacco company then they would leave corporate social responsibility program under the fear to safeguard more profit.

Finally a conclusion can be reached that ethical leadership makes employees satisfied with their company or firm, each member considers themselves as vital part of their team and there are very of members’ chances to come under influence of power to go against their leader.

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