My Views on Safety Legislation after the Crash

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The well-known accident that happened in 2008 was the outcome of the engineer Robert Sanchez. For several years, the man was building up through friction with the authorities and his companion’s death. Moreover, the employee continuously ignored his management’s mobile telephone use principles demonstrating that he produced enough texts resulting in the incident. Also, Sanchez was texting and disregarding the warning signals as appropriate. It is possible to regard that it was the entire mistake of the impatient worker; though, restrictive statutes offered the railways excuses not to apply modern practices that could provide their railroad trains with more reliability. I think that Metrolink did not comply with the necessary conditions aboard the train because it laid the responsibility on a man with a challenging and complicated private life. Although, the case could not have occurred in this time with the today’s rules and security standards and the only human who could have turned the tide of the crash is Robert Sanchez. The primary issues which are notable for this event include the howling avoidance of security because “Sanchez failed to radio in the signal and did not stop” (2012). Another significant point refers to the deficiency of sleep that Robert Sanchez was supposed to stay according to FMCSA, or Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (2017). “Sanchez worked four hours, rested four hours, then returned to work in the afternoon” (2012). Non-adherence to the proper sleeping schedule could make the man more distressed.

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According to the question about the high cost of train control and passengers safety, it is necessary to notice that if the administration aims to put the money into separate searches, with the same result, they could invest in the anchors of ECP. Thus, “order years of new research to confirm the safety benefits of ECP brakes”. In my opinion, all railway organizations have to implement every available and modern technology in the current practice. Apart from gaining, each company has to provide their clients with the complete safety. Refunding financial expenses to sustain life is the moral obligation that any railway organization has to implement.

Due to the question concerning the money spent to regulate railroad safety, I think that the railways, oil-processing plants, and shareholder base can probably more efficiently cover the expenses of the ECP anchors installation. Furthermore, the typical employee paying dues raised to defray for months of unproductive search. Therefore, I do not define the money spent on the unavailing study as a sufficient way to decrease the risks of deaths and injuries in a community.

Usually, it is necessary to take responsibility for people’s failures to effect significant changes. One of the variant to draw society’s attention is having the humans influenced by Metrolink talk to the mass media or a group of people. Observation over affected people could force the firm to move faster. Thus, if I had been a lobbyist wishing to influence safety legislation after the crash, my strategy would have been to engage as much as possible people who were impacted by railway incidents in the presence of the legislative authority or written applications. This situation requires to be intimate not about the monetary objects; however, the administration and railway agencies turn it the only problem. They should consider that human lives were missed and people were injured, involving their physical, emotional, and mental states. Any quantity of money cannot change events occurred.

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