My Views on Self-Esteem and Self-Concept

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I am a student of Montgomery College that is majoring in communications. I consider myself a Hispanic American, and my family is part of who I am. Family is a huge part in my life because in my culture we have to be close no matter what. I am the third youngest out of all my siblings. The people that know me would say I am shy, funny, and outgoing. In reality, I see myself a person who is trying find confidence in himself, and learn something new everything. I am raised catholic; however, I am not into my religion. There are some parts I believe in. I believe that all people are basically the same. They want a good life, some relaxation, good job, happy family that they can care for and get care from, a secure life.

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I believe that everybody is unique. They each have their own desires and goals, feelings and hopes, and fears. The definition of self-esteem is the part of the self-concept that involves evaluation of self-worth. Self-esteem influences my self-concept by how I interact with people. I used to be shy when I was young because I didn’t know what to say. I had fear of speaking, and making new friends. Right now, I am somewhat shy in different way when it comes to personal relationships. I believe significant others influence self-concept because the groups or cliques define who we are. For example, we view these famous celebrities, and try to imitate their image, language, or lifestyle. When I was high school, the people who I used hang around with had the same traits. However, we change over the years and the influence becomes less important. We decide to think ourselves and what important.

Culture has many definitions, but I define it by the quality of person or society from a concern for what is regarded as excellent in arts, letters, manners, and education pursuits. Culture is the core concept of cultural anthropology, and exists among human beings. There are some key characteristics about culture that are well known throughout people. One example is eating because it shapes what, when, how, and mean to people. Culture does influence self-concept because it follows by our family history. We show our pride where our parents come from. My parents are from El Salvador, and they migrated to United States during 1985 thru 1989. In our culture, we are known for our food, sports like soccer, and our pride. My mannerism was learnt by my parents, and they learn it from theirs. The matter how we communicate through my family is being respectful. We tend have respect the people who gives us the respect back. My dad tends to say there is good and bad people around world, but the ones you want to be close to is the good. Culture has a greater influence on an individual’s life contributing of an individual. The influence might either be negative or positive depending on the type of culture that one has been brought up in. It is important that individuals their culture and its contribution in shaping their individual personalities.

My self-concept by communicating with others tend to portrays who I am, and the matter how I speak. For example, we have different versions of ourselves how we talk to people at work, school, family, and friends. The only thing I want to show to them is how I am outgoing, and trustworthy. Self-concept might influence my future and behavior because we grow older and realize our goals and dream we can achieve. I ask my father how he sees my self-image or concept. I was surprised what he said. One memory, he remember when he was talking to friends and they mention me. They said about me how well rounded, sympathetic, and mature kid they ever met. It’s rare to see that in a kid, and have respect towards others how he speaks. The foundation that you taught your son is important. The most important role that shapes my self-concept is my father. He works day by day, try to help people no matter what. In the book “Essential communication”, the definition of reflected appraisal is the influence on one’s self concept. I can say I am father’s son best describes because he’s been huge role in my life. I am still learning life lessons from him, and affect my behavior. Remembering the lectures from my parents and teacher has taught me something to show for. The role models we have or inspired to live our dreams going towards the future. We don’t what the future hold for us, but the pathways we come about is going to be very challenge.

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