My Vocation of Being a Teacher

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My Vocation Of Being a Teacher

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In this teaching is a vocation essay my target audience is students, the youth group, and educational staff. This is because as a teacher I’ll be surrounded by students most of the time and they are included in the youth group which will be part of the next generation in the society, also educational staff because I can educate my co-workers in the same field. After reading the options in order to produce a product to speak on my vocation, I chose to do so through a speech because I myself have the experience of once being a student so I have an idea of what is effective. If I were to give them some sort of paper or website in order to read, I believe that there is a very low tendency to read them unless it if something involved in the curriculum or being marked. The paper would either end up being thrown out or never read, therefore I chose to get my message across through reading a speech, and this could take place in a classroom or during an assembly with the entire school. Through doing so the students have no choice to read it or not because it will be said to them, this will be able to get my information across much more effectively.

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Throughout the years I have grown up to gain many different moral and ethical views regarding life such as being fair, caring, a leader, and having respect. Going into more detail, I strive to be fair by treating everyone equally, no matter what the circumstance may be, my actions and decisions show a display of justice towards all people under no conditions. I strive to be caring through giving a genuine sense of compassion towards others, and doing things which will result in a greater amount of good than harm. I strive to be a leader through trying to act as a role model towards others as well as trying my best to lead and show other people the way to success. Finally, I strive to have respect through giving and treating each human with a equal amount of dignity and love. I have grown up while living with these moral and ethical views in my life, and this ultimately lead me to the vocation which I now have today. The vocation which I hold is my job as a teacher. While in this field of work I always have to be fair and respectful to all the students through treating them equally without any discrimination, I must be caring and show my compassionate side to the students and teach them in a kind and convenient way, also I have to act as a leader through leading lessons, as well as striving to do a good enough job to one day be seen as their role model. As you can see my moral and ethical views was what allowed me to be able to have the vocation I do today as a teacher. However, the thing which caused me to have these positive morals and ethics in the first place was the influence of Scripture and the Catholic Tradition in my life.

Our conscience works as a voice in our minds that makes judgments on the moral stance of our actions, and creates our differentiation of good and evil. Through the psychoanalytical perspective, the conscience is known as a representation of your superego. This is because it is formed through a number of factors while an individual is growing up. These factors are religion, culture, environment, education, and norms which affect your morals and play an active role in the formation of the conscience. Ultimately, your conscience uses your discovered morals as a guide in order to form reasoning, to make your own individual opinions and moral decisions. This leads to my point that Scriptures and the Catholic Tradition inform conscience and moral decision making in a positive light in order to make good decisions and avoid evil inside of my vocation as a teacher. I think this because conscience can be both good and bad, but the Holy Spirit allows for the individual to gain a good conscience through following the teachings and belief of God in order to make good moral choices. An example of this is the Ten Commandments given by God, this teaching forms a guideline for people to follow in order to be making the right moral decisions. Through using these basic Catholic Teachings it allows for me to have a good conscience through telling the truth, and not stealing from others or harming them in any way. Once I have formed a good conscience, it will cause me to go through a rational process of reasoning to influence my personal opinion to act in a particular way, and affect the decisions I make in my job. This is because if you do not follow your conscience in decision making, you will remain with a feeling of guilt as well as regret for having done something else than what you conscience influenced you towards.

A particular Scripture passage which applies to my stance as a teacher is in the New Testament and is found in Matthew 7:12 (NASB), “In everything, therefore, treat people the same way you want them to treat you, for this is the Law and the Prophets.” This Scripture passage states that the way which you act towards someone should reflect the way you wish to be treated yourself, alike to a mirror. This reminded me of the quote that “Life is like a mirror. Smile at it and it smiles back at you.” (Peace Pilgrim). Through following this passage it promotes the acts of being fair and respecting each person. It causes you to treat others in a better and kinder way because we also want to be treated kindly and respectfully, therefore if we are able to treat others in the same manner it will allows for a sense of mutual happiness. This applies to my ethics and morals in my vocation because I have to be able to respect and be fair towards all of my students and co-workers, and not discriminate anyone based on their gender, age, social status, intelligence, and religion taking into account that I myself would also never wanted to be treated this way. Also, I have to show and teach my students to be able to respect each other as humans and recognize each person’s dignity in order for them to enforce it in their lives. Ultimately, through being a teacher I aim to show and teach my students how to treat everyone fairly and to respect each person’s dignity as a reflection of God.

This leads to my idea that the Focus on Faith Theme which governs my attitude and actions is Human Dignity. The theme of human dignity is very often seen as the foundation of all Catholic Social teachings. It’s stating that all humans were created in the likeness and image of God and therefore each have a reflection of God within them. This allows for each person to have the basic dignity which comes from God that no matter what human qualities or accomplishments they have, God is always accepting and loving. Through having the theme of Human Dignity governing my attitude and actions, it causes me to be able to see every single student I have in an equal way, regardless of whether they’re less behaved and creating trouble in the class. As soon as I begin expressing negativity towards any of my students I have to be able to remember that all human life is sacred and I should also be treating each of them in a loving manner for I am a reflection of God, and must act in an appropriate way. Another Focus on Faith Theme which I actively follow in my vocation is Community and the Common Good. This theme outlines that each person in a society and community are important and special, once again going back to human dignity saying that each person is responsible as a human to make contributions to the common good. In the workplace I am in a place where I often witness bullying or discrimination between students and also teachers. I am called to act upon witnessing this through not only enforcing these themes but also through teaching those who are unaware of the themes of Human Dignity as well as Common Good. Rather than getting angry at people who are unaware of the right path, I instead feel more inspired to be able to educate people and show them the right path, which is also why I am very satisfied with my current job as a teacher. It gives me opportunities to interact with the next generation and try to make some sort of impact through educating them, and preventing them from making any mistakes in the future.

Furthermore, the inherent sense of responsibility towards the self and others comes from the impact of “the intrinsic dignity of each human person”. In the Catholic community, it is always seen as important to be able to insure that everyone’s rights are respected, and seen equal. God wishes for us to keep in mind that under no circumstance should there be an excuse or argument in order to take away the rights of others. Through following these teachings of God as well as properly understanding the rights entitled to others, it better allows us to respect one another’s dignity, and keep a strong base for the maintenance of proper order in humanity. Ultimately, if people don’t listen to God’s teachings of respecting “the intrinsic dignity of each human person” then it would cause for unfair treatment for certain individuals as well as unfair opportunity chances between humans. In the past discrimination was a very regular thing occurring in the world, it caused many hardships to occur. Through learning from our mistakes we should now be able to avoid repeating the past, and do our jobs as Catholics in order to follow God’s teachings and treat every human with respect regardless of their gender, race, social class, and religion. Since we each have the reflection of God within us, we should also be able to fulfill God’s wishes in improving the world.

Through being able to perform all these tasks under the duty of my vocation as a teacher it allows me to be happy. God created all humans with freedom to be able to choose their own self direction and responsibilities. Since each human is given this freedom each person is allowed to make their own choices and actions in life. According to Aristotle the end goal of living for every human should be to obtain happiness, but often people mistaken happiness with pleasure. He stated that while pleasure is a momentary response to stimulus, happiness is the state where humans behave in the most human way, and it is able to last. Aquinas then took Aristotle’s view on virtues and explained them in the Christian context through stating that we can achieve happiness through the fulfillment of our potentials as humans created through the image of God. He calls this the final state of “perfect happiness”, better known as our vocation. Happiness can be achieved through finding our vocation because humans will always seek to know more about God and what he calls us to do, so through being able to find the place of union and satisfaction with God it gives us fulfillment of our duties and callings. As Aristotle stated the difference between pleasure and happiness is that happiness is something in your life that lasts, the only thing which lasts forever in this world is God, therefore happiness is found through God, and that is through finding our proper vocation. Being a teacher allows me to be happy as a I work each and every day.

While I was able to meet my destined vocation through the Catholic Teachings and Scriptures, in our current Contemporary society where many changes are occurring, Secularism is making it more challenging in order to allow the Christian education to be included in educational systems and developed further. This is causing challenges as well as a negative effect because, it is getting more difficult to touch the lives of more people with the teachings of God, and when they are unable to properly learn about life, the goals and the guidelines to follow throughout it, it could become very difficult for them to strengthen their relationship with God. Furthermore, secularism is causing for a decrease in the religious following, as well as religious institutions such as churches being made. This is also a contributing factor, which makes it more difficult for people to be able to meet God and deepen their relationships. As I continue on with my vocation as a teacher, secularism may cause challenges along the line for me. This is because, the people who are being affected by this new upcoming society is the new generation, and this includes my students. I have to work much harder in order to teach my students on the right guidelines of life as well as the good path to follow.

As I will continue living my life as a teacher, many challenges will continue to unfold for me along the way, during those times I use a philosophical theory in order to aid in my ability to navigate through the arising challenges. This theory is The Mean theory created by Aristotle. He stated that the idea of The Mean is which we should always aspire to achieve throughout our lives. It is the balance between two extremes, since too much and too little are wrong, the correct action always lies in the middle. This theory helps me to discern right from wrong because rather than being too greedy with the things I’m blessed with or too generous with giving everything away, I want to be able to be in between of those two extremes by showing generosity in a normal manner. Also through being able to do things in the middle I’ll be able to get the proper balance between my desires and reasoning in order to have proper moral and ethical standpoint as well to be able to make good decisions. People often mistaken The Mean to be a moderation of the two extremes, but this is incorrect. The Mean is the right amount which is just enough. I can use this theory in order to become virtuous in my life because through being able to follow this theory I believe it will allow for me to control my emotions and act appropriately. An example of when I could use this theory is in the way that I treat each student and my co-workers in the way I show them love. Using this theory, it gives me the understanding that I cannot suppress my love, but I also can’t master the feeling of love to the point where it becomes fake. The proper way to love is through having and giving the right amount of love to each person without exceeding the need, or giving too little, through doing so you can respect each person’s dignity and be equally kind to everyone without discriminating. Furthermore, while being the guardian of many students I must be able to effectively control my feelings in order to use the right amount of expressive teaching in order to properly teach.

In summary, I believe that through continuing on with my vocation as well as living on with my moral and ethical stance I will be able to answer my call to be Christ Alive, and contribute to a healthy and just society. This is because through knowing that I am a reflection of God I hold a dignity to be able to act upon God’s wishes, ultimately being able to also teach my students regarding these issues and contributing to creating a good society.

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