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Myths and nonsensical theories centered around the curious monument of Stonehenge

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Curious by nature mankind seeks to explain and confirm historical happening. When historical events go undocumented they leave future generations to ponder the actuality of these events. This leads to the creation of myths, fallacies and nonsensical theories. Some of these myths or theories are based on truth and others allow for an excess of imagination. One of these undocumented historical events is now one of the most famous historical cites world wide, Stonehenge. Stonehenge monument made from a collection of large rocks in Wiltshire, England in which its origins are unknown.. Stonehenge is subject of many odd theories involving aliens, magic, and inexplicable healing powers.

There is very little known about Stonehenge because there is no written record to explain its purpose, meaning, or conception. The monument is made up of a ring of several large stones made of sarsen, a type of sandstone. Stonehenge gets its name from its exact definition; a henge made of stone, “A henge is an arrangement of megalithic stones in a circle, often surrounded by a ditch”(Kliener, 2009). This type of henge is exclusive to Britain and made up of a ring of several large stones made of sarsen, a type of sandstone. Inside the large ring of stones is a collection of “bluestones” or volcanic rocks. (Kliener, 2013). There is very little else known about Stonehenge apart from it’s physical attributions and date of origin, between 2550BCE. and 1600 BCE..

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One of the oldest and most popular myths about Stonehenge was created by Geoffrey of Monmouth and explained in his work History of the Kings of Britain. Geoffrey combined myth and Arthurian history to create a very popular theory on the conception of Stonehenge. He attributed the creation of Stonehenge to Merlin, the wizard featured in many Arthurian legends. It is said in the History of the Kings of Britain that; hundreds of English nobleman were slaughtered unethically by the Saxons at a meeting on the Salisbury Plain. King Ambrosias, uncle to King Arthur, sought to erect a monument to honor those who were killed by the Saxons. It was suggested to Ambrosias that the monument be made up of the large stones from Giants Ring on Mount Killaraus in Ireland. The stones were said to be moved from Africa to Ireland by Giants who carried them on their backs. Many men tried to move the stones to the Salisbury Plan in England, and many men failed, the only capable man was Merlin. Merlin used magic to transport the stones and organize them in what is now known as Stonehenge, or as Merlin called it “Giants Dance” (Loomis, 400-402). Geoffrey’s tale has many inaccuracies, includes the use of magic,and takes place in the Arthurian time period when in reality Stonehenge was created around 1600 BCE..

Another inaccurate theory is the idea that Stonehenge was created as a landing pad for alien space-crafts. Many people believe this to be true because of the shape of the monument.


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