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Nail Polish Colors Every Woman Should Own & What The Color Says About You

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Nail polish is one of the basic beauty products that every woman owns and it’s probably the first thing you reached out for in your early teens when getting started with makeup and beauty. Painting your nails is not only relaxing, but it’s also a simple and effortless way to change up your look. Chances are that you have a collection of nail polishes in an assortment of colors; some of which you have never even used well, allow me to make it easier for you through this guide on the nail polish colors that are a must-have for every woman plus what those colors say about you.

Classic Red

A nail polish collection is not complete without the classic red polish. A vibrant red flatters all skin tones, its versatile and all round edgy and feminine. Red polish is the ultimate statement of glamour and goes best with shorter nails. Red conveys classic glamour, passion and confidence. Red marks you out as someone who is daring and doesn’t shy away from the spotlight.

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Pretty Pink

This may not seem like a basic color to have in your nail polish collection especially for the younger ladies who like to experiment more with colors but there are certain times that call for a girl to get girly no matter what age she is and nothing says girly like pink right? Whether you go for a light/pale pink (associated with youthfulness) or hot pink (associated with being chic and fun) with the right undertone, you will fall in love with this color.

Snow White

I would put this color in the same category as the basic white t-shirt. yes! White nail polish is absolutely essential; it is a universally appealing hue that can go with both short and long nails. An essential for any French manicure, white nail polish is your go to for the classic French tips that instantly make you look sophisticated and high maintenance. If white nail polish is your go to, chances are that you are a neat, poised and confident individual who pays close attention to details.


Tired of changing up your polish to match your outfits? A nude is the way to go. These barely there hues are great for touching your nails with a creamy hint of color. Nude colors are the ultimate symbol of a clean, pretty and feminine manicure. Just like picking a nude lipstick, to find the most flattering nude nail polish color for you, pick a shade that’s closest to the color of the skin on your fingers so a nude for a Caucasian person and a nude for a dark skinned person will definitely not be of the same shade. Nude shades look pretty and polished in the most understated way. This is therefore a color for someone who is polished and feminine without being too high maintenance.


At least one dark nail polish is essential for those days you are feeling a little edgy, if you are not a huge fan of black then go for a navy and no! Wearing black nail polish does not mean you are depressed or going Goth. In a similar way that black/dark clothing conveys power and authority, a black, navy or generally dark manicure shows you’re not someone to be messed with. It is also indicative of a creative, edgy and daring individual.


Gray has become the new neutral and that why it’s made it on this list. A gray manicure shows you are the quintessential modernist. It is a bold but chic color that shows you are a trendy and edgy individual but in a subdued way.


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