Nanotechnology: Place in Our Everyday Life

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Nanotechnology play a very vital in science and advancement in innovation about the control of issue on the atomic and nuclear scale- this suggests things that are around 100 nanometers over. Material which is used in nanotechnology is know as nanocarbon material such as Graphene, carbon nanotube. We do not see this material with naked eyes because of size. Nanotechnology is published by Richard Feynman on 29 December 1959. It should be conceivable to make machines at a nanoscale that organize the particles the way we need and do synthetic combination by mechanical control. This word is suggested by Feynman. Nowadays, scientist used the nanotechnology in various parts of science such as in drugs and medicine, robotics, electronic device, cells, in agriculture and in water.

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Application of Nanotechnology

Drugs and Medicine

 Nanomedicine is the restorative use of nanotechnology, It ranges from the therapeutic employments of nanomaterials to Nano electronic biosensors, and employments of nuclear, It is sparing and improving the human prosperity by using sub-nuclear gadgets and sub-nuclear data of the human body. Nanotech-coated treatment will guide drugs to harmful cancer cells while ignoring healthy cells. So, in future people take good treatment in cancer without any side affect on their health.

Electronic device

Nanotechnology is used in all device parts such as mobile, robotic, computer, sound bar and other more application of electronic. The transistors are made of nanowires that are amassed on glass or dainty movies of adaptable plastic. e-paper shows on shades and guide on vehicle windshields. So, in this era help people do not face any problem while doing work with electronic device. Scientist make Nano camera and sensor which help in security sector.

Agriculture sector 

Nowadays, all the machines and robot are made by nanotechnology because it is a good method to sow seeds by robot in farming field very quickly without any tension taken by farmer as compared to past era. Nanotechnology is being utilized to create answers for three altogether different issues in water quality. One test is the evacuation of mechanical squanders, for example, a cleaning dissolvable called TCE, from groundwater.

Electronic cells –There has been a lot of developments off late in nanotechnology that are impacting on solar panels. These include the development of dye sensitised solar cells of DSSC. Other developments include the development of selective coating as well as graphene layers for carrying charge.


As an end to this subject I might want to state that Nanotechnology is a shiny innovation that has quite recently started, it is a progressive science that will change all what we knew previously. People also get so many benefits from nanotechnology as compared to past era. One likewise reason that for new indigenous and neighborhood worldwide organizations that the open door lies in the early advancement or selection of model nanotools, nanomaterials, nanodevices and Nano systems to grow new items and procedures. The medium-term target will be to enter the market first and to build up a vast piece of the pie secured by broad protected innovation rights. 

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