Narcissism is a Habit of Greatness and Self-Destruction

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Narcissism is an individual's self-absorbency, self-glorifying and exaggerated belief in one's ability. The term comes from the name of the Greek mythological figure Narcissus, a beautiful youth who fell in love with his reflection when he saw it for the first time in a well. How problematic is our tendency to be narcissistic? On an individual level narcissists or those with narcissistic traits often have problems with maintaining friends and spouses. In the article 'Narcissism' by Frederick Rhodewalt published in the Encyclopaedia Britannica 7.19.2018 the term narcissism is defined, and additionally does the article explain how narcissists handle relationships. It is stated how it is hard to have a relationship with someone who is narcissistic, both friendships and romantic relationships are hard for a narcissist to maintain.

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Meeting a narcissist for the first time is regularly a positive experience because you perceive them as appealing and intelligent. But over time, less flattering features tend to occur and the person who is a friend or a partner of the narcissist starts to see them as mean and as having exaggerated self-opinion. This happens according to Rhodewalt because the narcissist will use those around them to feel better about themselves. The narcissist wants you to admire and respect them that are their goal, and to reach this goal they brag about themselves and bully those around them. Therefore those who have some sort of a relationship to a person with narcissistic tendencies more often than not end up feeling mistreated and bad abort themselves because of the narcissist. There is even a problem when narcissism affects people on a bigger scale to were entire civilisations and societies are affected in a negative manner by narcissism. The article "Trump's Deadly Narcissism" by Paul Krugman published in The New York Times 09.29.2017 points out how narcissism can result in a large number of people suffering.

In Krugman's article, he is critical to how Trump and his officials handled the situation and aftermath of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico and the destruction of the American health care system, where he also blames this on their narcissism. In Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria the president did not send enough aid or other forms off help to the people. The efforts to solve the humanitarian crisis on Puerto Rico at the time were minimal, the largest problem was that there was no power which means no electricity which led to shortage of drinkable and hospitals provide care. Because Puerto Rico was without power a big number of people could have become sick or in the worst case scenario die. Another issue that Krugman mentions is the destruction of the American health care system, which is caused by trump's narcissistic administration according to the article author. What Trump and the republicans wants gone is the Affordable Care Act, it unlikely that they can remove the A.C.A, yet they can still try and sabotage the it. Sabotage off the A.C.A could lead to people losing their lives because if people can get the medical care they need they will most definitely get sick and die. Here are two perfect examples on how narcissism can affect large number of people because Trump and his administration are to self-centred thousands and or maybe millions of people could die due to their neglect and lack in empathy for others. The examples brought up by Krugman would suggest that having a person with narcissistic traits in this in a position off power can make more damage than good and that

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