Naruto: Exploration of Characters in Japanese Tv Series

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In the Japanese anime series Naruto- Naruto Shippuden are two characters that are both similar to each other, yet different as well. Naruto and Sasuke are both talented ninja that have their own background, features, appearances, and personalities. While they were only children, Naruto and Sasuke each had their fair share of difficult times where they had to deal with loneliness, character development, their struggle to becoming stronger, what their goals were in life, and what paths they would take in order to achieve their goals.

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In the beginning of the series, Naruto is born on the day where Konohagakure, their home village is attacked and distracted by the nine-tailed demon. The same day of attack, the fourth Hokage and his wife sealed the beast in their newborn son, Naruto, at the cost of their own lives to save the village. Not knowing his parents, Naruto grew up as an orphan where he was resent and despised by the village of the beast inside him. He had no parents, siblings, or even friends until later in the series when he enrolled in the academy. Sasuke on the other hand, was born into a powerful and prestigious Uchiha Clan. He was very kind and loving towards his mother, father and his older brother who he admired. Sasuke’s antire personality changed tremendously when his older brother, Itachi, massacred everyone in the Uchiha Clan but Sasuke, leaving him now an often. Although no one ridiculed Sasuke, they pitied him since he was the only survivor of his clan. In the first part of the series, the features of 13 yr old Naruto and Sasuke are quite different from each other. Naruto was a bit shorter than Sasuke and often had careless poster. 

He usually wore an orange jumpsuit and had blond messy hair and blue eyes. Naruto’s most well known feature were the whisker marks on his face. In contrast to Naruto’s colorful appearance, Sasuke usually dressed in a navy shirt with a high collar, with his clan’s crest on his back, and he wore white shorts, and he had black hair. Itachi Uchiha said the reason he slaughtered his own family’s clan was to merely test the limits of his own power. Itachi forced Sasuke into turmoil as he told him how weak and pathetic he was and how her was not able to save his family, therefore leaving his only reason to spare his life, was to avenge his clan. He told Sasuke that he had the same eyes, which possessed the kekkei genkai in his eyes, genetically passed throughout his clan, known as the sharing gun, which allows the users to read the attacks and trick enemies into illusions, so Sasuke May have a chance to avenge his people. Sasuke was left with feelings of loneliness, which gave him an emo-like attitude. Naruto and Sasuke shared different goals, after what they went through at their young ages, Naruto wanted to be the greatest hokage, but Sasuke wanted to kill his brother through any means. His goal was to restore and avenge his clan. His older brother’s effect on him caused Sasuke to leave the village.

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