National and Cultural Diversity Makes America Great

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In a world filled to the brim with negativity and anguish, we can count on America to keep us grounded. How wonderful it is to be able to live in a country with the most culture, with the most open-mindedness and with the most diversity. Living in America is something to be taken to heart, with the freedom of living our lives resting in the palms of our hands. Lucky are we to be able to turn a street corner down Times Square and smell a concoction of Indian, Vietnamese, German, and Mexican food, and see people of all different backgrounds and stories be able to mingle so openly about the things they have in common. Lucky are we to live in a nation where anyone can be a superstar, and rise to their station with as much hard work from their hands as there are dreams in their minds. America is great, and the people make it great.

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Anyone, regardless of class, race, or gender can fulfill their innermost ambitions in America. Jeff Bezos, Amazon founder, and CEO was born from a sixteen-year-old mother and created a tiny bookselling company with his intelligence to get him through it. Now, he's the richest man in the world. Oprah Winfrey, born into such a state of poverty she used potato sacks as dresses, is now one of the most influential people on the planet. The goals that were once deemed unattainable are now everyday life for so many because the land of opportunity had so much to offer to foster their hard work. The education and rags to riches stigma of America lead to the magic of success with these people, and it can for everyone.

The diversity of this nation is manifold, with about 40% of the country identifying as a minority. The amount of stories, jokes, and memories our people have from all around the world is unimaginable and boggles my mind every day. The American people are so beautifully different, and I can't help but feel grateful that I get to hear new stories every time I leave the house, as every day is a new adventure I get to take with a new friend.

I am privileged to be able to live in a country where I matter, where what I say matters, and what I believe is respected. There are so many who, unfortunately, aren't able to say the same, and must deal with various forms of oppression such as their basic freedoms being denied. They can't speak openly, they don't have freedom of religion, and they don't have a say in what happens to their nation. America excels in making its people feel important and respected, allowing us our basic Constitutional and human rights, which no one should be refused.

Most importantly, though, I am grateful to be able to reside in the country that my heroes spend every day protecting, making sure that America is a safe and welcoming place for all who choose to come, protecting our rights and our necessary freedoms so that I, a teenage American girl, can go to school and work every day so my heroes aren't sacrificing everything in vain. So I can be a part of the rags to riches story, and do what I love in the place that can only be called home.

America is my home. It's my home because I am safe, I am welcomed, and I am able to have new experiences every day. America is the place where I can feel confident in my hard work, and feel confident that anyone, even a small teenage girl, can be the next Jeff Bezos or Oprah Winfrey because this truly is the land of possibility.

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