Natural Disasters: Impact of Flood on Humans and the Environment

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Flood is one of the riskiest catastrophic events. It happens when unreasonable water is gathered in any territory. It as a rule occurs because of substantial precipitation. India is exceptionally inclined to flood. There are numerous areas in the nation that face this cataclysmic event as a result of the flooding of streams. In addition, it likewise happens due to the liquefying of the day off. Another purpose behind floods is the point at which the dam separates. In the event that we take a gander at the waterfront regions, the typhoons and tidal waves are considered answerable for causing floods.

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Thesis statement: Damages and effects of floods on humans and the environment are caused by floods. Due to this, they have a significant impact on public health and the prosperity of the population affected and the environment regards to the local landscape and habitat as well as wildlife and livestock health and well-being of the environment.

Hook: In recent times 2019 the devastating flood affected in Bangladesh. According to officials and an Aid group, the floods have broken through several banks, dozens of villages submerged, ten thousand homes destroyed and 200,000 people displaced from their homes. IFRC also said that for this floods more than four million people are at risk of food insecurity and diseases. More than 50 people died because of this floods. (Al Jazeera and News Agencies, 19 July 2019).

Background Information

Floods cause huge devastation. They are answerable for the loss of human and creature lives. Individuals lose their homes and vehicles in floods. They additionally cause soil disintegration and evacuate of trees.

Flooding happens most ordinarily from substantial precipitation when characteristic waterways don’t have the ability to convey overabundance water. Be that as it may, floods are not generally brought about by overwhelming precipitation. In beachfront zones, water immersion can be brought about by a tempest flood because of a tropical violent wind, a wave or an elevated tide harmonizing with more elevated than ordinary stream levels. On the off chance that a dam comes up short, activated for instance by seismic tremor, the downstream territory will flood, even in dry climate condition.

Governments must take up specific measures to counteract floods. We can introduce flood cautioning frameworks. Make individuals mindful of what to do in the midst of the flood. In addition, we can likewise construct an appropriate waste framework that will guarantee no waterlogging. Flooding effects on humans in considers to public health and the prosperity of the population. As great many people are very much aware, the prompt effects of flooding incorporate the loss of human life.


Floods occur mainly in the developing and tropical regions. The impacts of floods are many. Public health is one of them. When it occurs people displaced from their home and the rate of death is also high. Flooding accounts for 40% of all-natural disasters worldwide and causes about half of all deaths from natural disasters (Noji, 1991). The rate of death and injuries from floods is not only caused by the physical characteristics of the event but also socioeconomic and health conditions of the community and the widespread infectious diseases impacts as well. In developing areas, the rates of diarrhea, respiratory infections, hepatitis A and E, typhoid fever, leptospirosis and diseases borne by insects occur because of flooding (Howard et al. 1996).

The loss of friends and family has profound effects, particularly on youngsters. Removal from one’s home, loss of property and interruption to business and parties can cause proceeding with pressure. For certain individuals, the mental effects can be durable. Assessing human, economic impacts (Andrew, 2013).

Flooding effects on local landscape and habitat. Floods can be extremely damaging and costly in urban areas. It can negatively impact on homes, infrastructure, and business. Jone Pomeroy found that the Rocky Mountains and foothills region changed by the 2013 Alberta floods. It impacts on local landscape and animal habitats (Andrew, 2013).


The loss of wildlife and biodiversity in the flooded region occurs for flooding. This declines the level of biodiversity, habitat potential and food present in the ecosystem and creating long-term effects on surviving wildlife. Floods also affect natural and ranching and farming habitats. For example, in 2011 Australia floods thousands of animals that died from this floods (Daisy, 2011).


Floods can cause harm and impact of natural disasters on people and the environment. On public well-being and the thriving of populace influenced and the earth with respect to the earth and organic systems and flourishing of untamed life and animals, they have a noteworthy effect. Extreme floods along the coastline may turn out to be significantly more typical if ocean levels keep on climbing unchecked, new examine says. Researchers gauge that when 2030, a 4-inch ocean level ascent could twofold the recurrence of extreme flooding in numerous pieces of the world and increment it by as much as multiple times in the tropics. For the networks and biological systems in the floodwaters’ way, the toll could be disastrous.


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