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Nazih Cosmetics: Beauty and Personal Care

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Industry profile

Beauty and personal care industry is an industry with high growth potential. This is because everyone wants to feel good and look groomed. People are ready to spend for looking groomed and neat. The major customers of this industry are the working women who require to be groomed both professionally and personally. Even though if customers don’t spend on high maintenance treatments they would definitely spend on basic needs like simple haircuts. Therefore it is one industry that would always be booming. The main demand in this industry is for hair care. After hair it is for the grooming of nails and then for the skin treatment. The major characteristics of this industry are: Speed of getting the service, Specialized services obtained, Innovations with improved results and Men’s growing obsession over grooming.

Even though this industry is treated as “recession proof”, they do face some challenges. The challenges are: Once the industry gets customers; they should be efficiently retained, which is a very difficult task. Next is the high employee turnover rate. Due to high competition big perks and pays attracts them to move on to other salons. This industry very much faces the challenge of keeping up with trend. People get fed up of using the same things over and over. They expect variety in this industry and that is very difficult to obtain and maintain throughout. The Bahrain beauty market is also one market where there is huge demand for cosmetic products and personal grooming. In this market the various brands are classified into A, B, C classes and according to the geography and demography the products are being sold.

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Nazih Group

The highly successful conglomerate; The Nazih Group was founded in the year 1975. They were the pioneers who were into various business sectors like Manufacturing, Marketing & Distribution of Cosmetics Products (Professional & Retail), Paramedical Products, FMCG, Hospitality, Personal & Professional Care, Mineral Water, Marketing & Advertising, Cargo & Freight, Food & Beverages, Construction & Building Materials and Real-estate Development in the Middle East region. Currently it is present across the MENA region (Middle East and North Africa) along with Europe and Canada.

Nazih group’s major strategic priorities are:

  • Sustainable growth
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Business innovation

Nazih Cosmetics

The sector Nazih cosmetics was established in the year 1975. The rapid economic and social growth was the reason for the boom of beauty industry which led Mr.Nazih Hamad, The Managing Director of Nazih Group to explore this sector of business. This sector of business has been highly successful because of its leadership position in the MENA Region, innovative marketing strategies and sound partnerships, high standard of ethics that is well supported by trained staff, reliable distribution system and a professional after –sales services. This sector is the flagship sector of Nazih. They are a distributor of more than 100 internationally reputed brands.

They are very focused on maintaining good customer relations. They have been maintaining and gaining the trust of the market by providing free technical training sessions to the salon technicians, regardless whether they are Nazih customers or not. There are over 1500 employees in this business sector of Nazih group. They are the most professional and trained staff that includes hair, beauty and nail technicians, product engineers and technicians as well as logistic personnel.

One of the major strategies adopted by this sector is that they provide tailored solutions to match the local preferences as well as culture and pricing issues. Another strategy is that they always go for well tuned partnerships. They are very careful in selecting the brands they provide to their customers. They always go for the best names in hair and beauty care and that is of the highest quality. They play wide and receptive to their customers.

Nazih cosmetics not only provide to salons they have a plentiful of showrooms and retail outlets. They are of tasteful decors and modern design that indicates the progressive spirit of the company. These outlets are also having spacious aisles that are lined with all the premium brands and labeled well with an aesthetic appeal, that itself attracts the customers to walk into the showroom. They also have appointed beauty consultants to provide advice and recommendation on Hair, Skin and Nail care to walk in customers and window shoppers. Nazih deals with about more than 1200 salons and about 100 showrooms that are strategically located within the UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon , Sultanate of Oman and Kuwait.

Vision and values

Nazih Group’s vision is to develop sustainable growth by ensuring that each of its business units provides a step ahead of competition in the quality of product and services.

The company has a Code of Conduct that is to support the vision of the company. They focus on:

  • Monitoring Business Operations
  • Leadership and Teamwork
  • Sustainable Productivity
  • Employee Sustainability
  • Social Responsibility
  • Supporting the Environment

Product profile

Nazih has got a very huge product profile. Their products are classified into seven categories:

  1. Beauty Equipment and Furniture
  2. Spa Furniture and Accessories
  3. Hair Dressing Furniture and Equipment
  4. Care, Color and Style
  5. Hair care Accessories
  6. Nail care Products and Accessories
  7. Skin care and Makeup

Beauty Equipment and Furniture

This category includes facial treatments, anti-ageing treatments, face lifting technology, peeling device, body treatments, beauty machines, micro current, slimming machines, massage beds, electric beauty beds, spa beds, manicure/pedicure chairs, magnifiers, skin cleansers, steam facial and foot spa.

Spa Furniture and Accessories

This category includes massage beds, spa tables, wet tables, sauna rooms, stea bath controls, steam generator, shower rooms, facial steamers, spa stones, trolleys, stools, towels, spa accessories, waterfall shui, CT day spa and steam bath controls.

Hairdressing Furniture and Equipment

This category includes ladies’ makeup chair, ladies’ cutting chairs, gents cutting chairs, baby cutting chairs, wash units, styling units, waiting chairs, reception counters, coloring trolleys, magazine trolleys, mirrors and foot rest.

Care, Color and Style

This category includes cream colors, peroxides, coloring shampoo, permanent coloring cream, bleach powder, hair mousse, gel, hair spray, straightening balm, hair serum, hair wax, shine spray, glitter spray, volumizing spray, shampoo, conditioner, hot oil hair mask, crazy hair colors, hair capsules, lotions, hair oil, hydrogen peroxide, vitamin hair reatments, hair relaxer, hair masks and wet look gel.

Hair care Accessories

This category includes dryers and processors, electrical styling, barbering, clippers and trimmers, scissors and razors, combs and brushes and salon essentials.

Nail care Products and Accessories

This category includes nail lacquer collections, nail wrap systems, micro bond systems, UV light sources, pedicure scrubs, gels and oils, pedicure tools, nail clippers, nippers, tweezers, scissors, nail files, artificial nails, nail tips, nail polish/cuticle remover, nail glue, buffers, corn cutter, pedicure stones, manicure/pedicure set and foot spa.

Skin care and Makeup

This category includes face and body creams, moisturizing creams, lotions, facial masks, scrubs, brightening creams, lightening serums, skin bleaching creams, eye care, eyelashes, eyelash adhesive, hair removal strips, oils, hydro-minerals, cleansing creams, professional makeup, hair and body art tattoos, epilator kits, cooling gels, electrolysis gels, pre-waxing gels, hot wax discs, paraffin waxes, wax cleaning oils, shaving gels and callus therapy.


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