Necessary Qualities of a Good Leader

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Everyone has his or her own way of thinking. Some of them believe that a person can be better leader, who is loved, moreover some of them think a person will be better leader, who is feared. No human being is perfect. However, certain personal can make any job a more pleasant one. I think one of the most important qualities of a good leader is sympathy and in this essay I will also argue about the role of fearlessness.

According to my point of view a leader should be feared. Leadership is a process in which a person influences a group of individuals to achieve a common goal and directs the organization in a way that makes it more logical. There are certain ways to be a good leader but, sometimes, they don’t work for others. A leader controls everything in a company, organization, or group of people. Also, they always know what the followers want to achieve and how they can achieve it. But good leaders aren’t the love ones yet feared are so. Leaders make followers fear to fail to go in the wrong way. They will perform at their best, and last but not least, leaders gain respect by their followers.

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What are Crucial Qualities of a Good Leader?

A better leader is the one who is feared, in fact, this kind of leaders have a clear imagine of what the goal is and how they want it to be achieved. After this, they encourage their followers to work hard and reach the goal. The leader tells that there’s no other way to get to that point in life and that everyone who wants to get lost in other way, can quit but will never have success. Tells everything that can go wrong and what these group of people can make them to join will lead the followers just too bad things, telling the worst of them.

Followers get scared and fear of failing, in other words they force their minds thinking that the way their leaders said is the right one, is the one they should and would choose, no matter what, and that if they choose these leader’s way he or she will protect them from every problem or loss and they will get to success. So, as soon as they fear their leader, they start performing at their best.

Leaders, such as the feared ones, get better results from their people; followers perform all along at their best. When the leader tells all the advantages followers can have if they continue by his or her side, they get motivated and work hard. When they see some of the results, they maintain a respectful relationship. They fear that if they betray its leader they can go in a wrong way. They fight for what they want and need, what they and their leaders think it’s good. Respect each opinion from their leader and accomplish ever challenge at their best. They show respect for each member especially for the leader.

When followers have their mind set on what their leader says, they show a respectful attitude. They accept what he or she says and follow their rules the best they can. When the leader needs or wants something they can’t say no, they try to get what was requested. They never dare to lie, hurt their leader. They have always their heads up and never give up. Followers fear their leader when they feel they don’t fulfill its petitions, so they give all of their strength and heart to show how they respect his or her opinions, tastes, rules and goals. Consequently, the fearful leaders are the ones who achieves as a leader.

So, you can say that there are some crucial qualities of a good leader and, for this essay, I can conclude that a better leader is the one who isn't feared, the one that don’t let laziness get in his or her work, the one who is respected and honored, the one who motivates the followers and so the followers performs at the best. They never betray the leader and stay by his or her side, supporting at all time. The leader gets the admiration of many and is successful in all what’s done.

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