Need for Iot in Water Industry


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The water is a major part of the nature without water it is not possible to live a life. Water uses everywhere in regular life for example, To take a bath, in the sower, to drink, and it very much important for fishes. Why water management is needed for us? The certain sensors is used to major the level of purity from this it can be understandable whether the chemical is found or not, level of depth, River flood can be detectable, water leakage and other level of particles and all. Pounds, Sea, and rain can be major with certain sensors, if we put the sensors there so it can be major-able chipper cost, what are the water levels, what’s the purity of pound, is it need to clean, Any objects are travelling or not from the sea, rain is raining or not and everything

How much stock needs for it. Let’s take a case study of the water energy conversation plant. In that we taking water from a source and pumping it via pumps from it, transfer that to plants where water is process and that processed water transfer to storage than that water will transfer to tanks and will distribute in city for drinking and to use in other needs. After overall water waste will transfer to sea inside again. That cycle will never ends. From water we can generate the electricity and it can be usable for the daily purpose also.

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In my home city Mumbai alone, tremendous amount of water is wasted every year due to leakages and overuse and careless usage of water. So smarter sensors installed on this pipes could detect and give early warning signals which will allow authorities to take preventive action to stop leakage and water theft. If anyone tries to temper with the water pipes immediately the monitoring system will be able to detect it. Also, fines could be imposed on users which waste or overuse water.

Authorities could manage and prevent overuse by redirecting water from surplus areas to deficient areas. This system will also be able to prevent corruption in water usage and break the govt-builder nexus which operates solely on money.Water is perhaps one of the most precious natural resources. With rapid urbanization, this resource is fast becoming scarce. Water conservation is thus the need of the hour. For organizations and systems that operate in the water industry, there has been the dependency on Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems to monitor some parts of the water distribution systems, yet the practical limitation of its installation points has restricted its use.

The advancements in IoT in water industry is helping improvise water management. We provide end-to-end wireless automation of systems like PLC, SCADA, Sensors, DCS, PLM, HMI Device, Process Instrument and RFID System. IoT in water treatment uses the concept of smart sensors installed at various points in the water system. These can collect data and send it back to monitoring systems. Smart technology can enable various components to rely on IoT for water utilities to reduce wastage.

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