Negative and Positive Effects of Fortnite

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Negative and Positive Effects of Fortnite

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Fortnite is a competitive battle royale shooter game that is available on both console and PC. Essentially, a hundred players fight to their death as they air-drop out of a moving bus that flies in the sky. The play space will automatically slowly shrink in size to force people into combat so that there can only be one survivor or a group. In the article, “An Analysis of Building in Fortnite,” Cise, a current M.I.T game lab student, explores the third person perspective of battling in Fortnite. He analyzes the useful building mechanics that plays a role in Fortnite and covers the general properties of the mechanics, strategies, and shared his observations with the experience of three Fortnite players with different skill levels on their perspective in the game through an interview.

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While there are the advantages in Fornite, Natasha Wynarczyk reveals the addictions of Fortnite it may causes among childrens and teens. In the article, “Fortnite Addiction: From Friendship Guilt to Personalised Rewards We Reveal All The Secret Ways That Fortnite is Getting Kids Hooked,” Wynarczyk covers the dark side of young children playing fortnite by describing the possible development of peer pressure and withdrawal symptoms leading to an addiction of the game. Advantages of Fortnite that makes it different than other games is the experience from a third person perspective and high quality camera angles. This is a big advantage because you experience the wide angle lens that makes it almost feels like you are actually inside the game. Since it is such a big advantage, some feel that it is unfair and almost cheating because the design allows you to built covers or climb higher, making it easier to see your opponent quickly from a top view. Since the opponent will not be able to see you, they lose time to react or aim at you. This can also happen the other way around, if the opponent decides to use this technique.

Overall, the design of Fortnite makes it easy to use. A perfect game to people who may not have the best skills but definitely can succeed with good technique and strategy. Although it is possible to play Fortnite by yourself, most people tend to play with a group of friends and fight alongside or against their friends. The author warns us that this can become an issue between young children as they fear of disappointing their friends. When a team of friends play together, some children will become reluctant to stop the game or leave, because there is no pauses in the middle of fortnite. If you decide to quit, you are leaving your friends behind which can cause the game to not end successfully without you. This causes peer pressure among children making it dangerous. Additionally, Wynarczyk explains that playing video games has a physical effect on the body, causing chemical changes in the brain too. “Video games such as Fortnite are designed to be addictive – they give children a hit of dopamine – also known as ‘the reward hormone’,” says Wynarczyk. Dopamine is the same chemical that happens in the brain when people are doing drugs or win at gambling. It is a major reason why people get hooked on the game. But when the game is finished, users can begin to feel flat or aggressive, making them want to play again.

And because each game is different, each time you play you find new places to explore, keeping users coming back to the game. Children are at greater risk to the effects because their brains are flexible and not fully developed leaded to making impulsive and risky behaviours “This can lead to anger, irritation, and make them more likely to be incredibly rude and make a large fuss if they are told to turn it off.” says the author. Your real-life survival instincts can take over when you are too addicted into the game. Violent video games makes your heartbeat race and stress hormones as your adrenaline spikes which are the exact same responses as if you were attacked by someone in real life. Hence, only your character is hurt, causing you no harm which is how this game can become addictive. This can affect young children’s minds since their brains are not fully developed, it may lead to anger issues and violence in real life. On the flip side, we know that there are positives to Fortnite if they are played in moderation.

Since the games are short-lasting about 20 minutes each game, you can fit three games in an hour and there is no evidence that playing a video games an hour or two will have negative effects on children, it’s only when it’s taken too far that it becomes a problem. Therefore, the best thing to not have any addiction problems is to teach your children self-control and give them boundaries such as they can only play for a set amount of time everyday. Regarding on Cise’s view on gaming, he agrees that it is not about competition, but being able to learn and build of skills for his own benefits to becoming a master. He mentions an important factor that even though, your opponent may already have many hours of experience with aiming and shooting that they developed in this game or other games, the most important skill to have is knowing the mechanics. This is a skill that allows players to improve with a relative low playtime. He believes that this is an important beginning of starting the game.

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