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Negative Aspects of Modern Society

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It may be difficult for us to accept as a society that we have negative aspects and they are not a disease or a disorder, but a personal decision. Scientists themselves have said they cannot categorize psychopaths, there being different degrees of psychopathy and different ways of presenting it. This, personally, I find very confusing, considering that science hypotheses usually meet all the necessary factors. Coming to a similar issue, we cannot classify or generalize people. We are all individuals and we all have a vision and a way to experience the subjective and unique life. It is impossible to classify the badness and motivations of people in a disorder that encompasses all others.

When we call someone a psychopath immediately we are dehumanizing that person, we consider him/her something disturbing, unpleasant and different to society. But it does not stop that person from being a human. There are violent and sadistic humans, although we do not like it. That part of society is there. People who have decided to promote the good and the positive will have a hard time understanding how other people cannot think like that. We will try to justify them in a thousand ways, but in spite of everything, people – at least almost all of us – always have the capacity to make decisions. And we can decide what society considers unacceptable.

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It is important to recognize that penitentiary punishment is useless in this type of offender since a psychopath does not show any regrets or submission. In my personal opinion, we should change the current techniques used, looking instead to recognize a qualitatively different prisoner. The current method of treatment doesn’t do anything for them. Having a different, more studied way of treatment to try to make them functional for society again is a better answer. Simply isolating them or terminating their lives, given the little or no current possibility of helping them to reintegrate should not be an option.

The most realistic, and at the same time most successful, goal to accomplish would be for such subjects to take responsibility for their behavior. It would be a method to make them understand what implications their actions have, even if they have no feelings towards those actions. By teaching someone actions have meanings and consequences, it may be possible to make someone who doesn’t “feel”, understand how they society and cultures around them work and integrate. This would allow them to be productive members of those societies.


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