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Negative Consequences of Medical Checkups Procrastination

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Medically, procrastination has a different meaning; it is the tendency of trying to avoid doing some specific medical tasks that require immediate action. Despite the negative consequences, many people delay the opportunity to seek medical attention, either intentionally or habitual. For instance, I knew it was expedient to have regular medical checkups. At some point, I began to experience some pain in my chest that became more and more frequent. I kept postponing a visit to the doctor and resorted to painkillers instead.

When we delay seeing a doctor, we do not think that we could have a serious health problem. It is important to have regular checkups, maybe twice a year, rather than waiting until we are sick to visit the hospital, it could be the difference between life and death. I finally went to see the doctor, not willingly though. The chest pains that I had ignored for quite some time now had been alarms bells to a problem in my heart. I had collapsed in my room and were it not for my friends, procrastination would have killed me. They took me to the hospital and I was diagnosed with a heart disease that the doctor said that it had been developing over it and it would have been easier to treat if I had gone to the hospital early. Moreover, I notice that many people choose to see the doctor when the condition becomes chronic; the chest pains become evidence of severe heart disease. An individual may die at any time when the pain levels accelerate, collapse and loss of consciousness are signs of delayed checkup. When you finally see the medics, the diagnostic tests indicate heart failure a situation that could have had a remedy when realized earlier. The incidence supports the idea that many people ignore pains because they feel that their bodies are in good condition. Heart infections are long time conditions that are preventable by regular checkups; the state is fatal if left unchecked. It is now clear that procrastination itself is a medical condition that is consuming many lives, it is imperative that people get encouraged to go for diagnosis when they experience unusual pains, people die out of ignorance. Procrastination seems to be taking more lives than the diseases it harbors. I have developed the discipline to attend regular medical checkups having noticed that you could be dying and not aware of it.

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Procrastination is not all about getting medical advice, but it is inclusive of taking steps that make our lives better. Keeping our body fit by joining fitness clubs and regulating our diets are essential in improving our health. Many are aware that bad eating habits expose our bodies to risks such as obesity, organ failure, reduced body functionality and many more. Also, involving yourself in motivational and enjoyable activities helps to manage procrastination. Many people who have succumbed to cardiovascular conditions report of having assumed some symptoms like migraines. I have observed that most of the people who succumb to cardiovascular diseases and cancer are people who largely ignored the warning signs in their bodies. For whatever reason, they kept procrastinating going for medical examination.

Some people have heard instant heart attacks and died, such deaths would have been avoided had they paid closer attention to warning bells like migraines and other pains in their body. This ranges from small medical examination such as no teeth to serious ones like heart examination.

Doctors insist that adults should have a medical examination at least once in every two years. However, a large chunk of the population will keep on procrastinating the checkup until they are sick. What if we would form the habit of seeing doctors even when we are not sick? Having suffered from a heart attack that almost killed me; I resolved to keep a close eye on my health and to attend a medical examination at least twice in a year. The decision to procrastinate that checkup could finally be the thing that sends you to an early grave.

Many physicians advise patients to seek medical advice regularly; it is the first cure for all the chronic conditions. Additionally, disciplining oneself is key to setting medical priorities right. Despite all the efforts, many individuals will never take this advice seriously and continue procrastinating until they are unwell. Going for a medical checkup twice a year, and seeking help for self-defeating problems will help in mitigating many long-term infections, failure to which one dies when the conditions become chronic.


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