Negative Effects of Technology in Modern Society

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 Technology is an often discussed topic in the modern industrialised society . Industrial revolution made a massive change in people’s lives that they started using machines instead of their hands. Speaking of machines,nowadays almost everybody has some sort of a machine with them. Since industrial revolution technology has highly evolved over time and now plays a major role in the present society. As there are two sides of everything, it’s worth of discussing the positive and negative effects of technology.

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Today,technology has become an essential part of our lives that we can hardy imagine a life without technology. We use technology in almost every act in our daily routine. At home, appliances like washing machine,electric stove,microwave oven,refrigerator and rice cooker makes house chores more easier while the television,DVD,play station,radio,electric fan and air conditioner makes life more comfortable . The support from the technology is never lacking when you are at school, office or road.Individuals embrace technology because it is always by your side no matter what .

Furthermore technology gives a big hand to communication. It has given us alternative methods to keep in touch with our loved ones. It has succeeded to turn the world into a one global village. The whole world is just a finger tip far from us because of the development of technology.

Moreover, the influence of technology in fields such as medicine , economy , transportation and education is remarkable. Technology is a big factor for making people happy and satisfied today . It is doing miracles in medicine with new machinery that are used to cure various deadly diseases. Almost everything in economy is handled by developing technology. And transportation has gone to a new level with technology that man has succeeded to travel not only all over the world but space. The contribution of technology in education is another main fact. Modern electric devices such as computer, cell phone ,tablet and the internet is very supportive in the process of learning and teaching.

According to above facts it’s not a lie that technology has mostly done wonders in our lives. But on the other hand it has also brought some darkness underneath its light.

Even though technology has done a big role in being supportive and comforting individuals and society it also brings some negative outcomes as well. The man has become lazy due to industrialisation because they depend too much on modern appliances . As a result of that he is losing his creativity and humanity. This laziness also leads to several diseases such as obeysity, cholesterol and high blood pressure. The developing technology has opened many paths to earn money easily and quickly. This makes man to be money greedy and there’s no space for humanity because he gets blinded by filthy money.

Technology also causes problems in family values and traditions. In past people lead very simple lives but they always valued traditions and relationships. But in the modern society the harmonious lifestyle in the past has turned upside down because man is embracing not the family values and traditions but the modern technology . As a result of this, family bonds are drifting apart and this makes man unsecured and alone. Man is forgetting humanity and this makes him a robot with no heart or feelings. Thus family values and morals have changed in order to adopt to this technological age.

Even the new generation is poisoned by these negative outcomes of developing technology. Unlike in the past young generation nowadays has become addicted to modern technology and it results them to be disrespectful and more violent. Not only adults but also children are blindsided by the sweetness of modern technology that we fail see the bitterness hidden under it.

Furthermore this developing technology has also accused for environmental issues. Modern equipments now that are used in the factories produces bad smokes that results to air pollution and that destroys ozone layer and results in global warming and several other negative outcomes. Development of technology is creating air pollution, water pollution,global warming and indeed a threat for mother nature.

According to above points I have brought to discussion we can see that there are two opposite aspects of the matter. Technology has gifted us with both positive and negative effects. It is up to us people to make use technology wisely. We must never forget the fact that we men created technology and technology must be handled by us not us be handled by technology.

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