Negative Impacts Celebrities Have on the Community

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With great power, comes great responsibilities, a quote by Benjamin Parker. It can be said that people are ranked based on their fame and the number of digits in their bank account, in this current generation and celebrities are of that category of people. With a huge fanbase, their actions may cause several impacts to some, both intentional and unintentional, positive and negative, to the people who look up to them. This report provides an analysis of how celebrities impact the community negatively and that the more well-known they are, the more followers they will earn. It will cover both the negative and positive aspects of 2 impacts: social, and economic. A conclusion will then be made to prove that celebrities bring more negativity to the community than good.

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Social impact is the effect that someone brings to the well-being of the community. Basically, social impacts are how celebrities affect the daily life of the people in a community. An example of a positive impact that a celebrity has made will be to educate the community. J.K Rowling is an author and people may know her as the famous writer of Harry Potter. Today, she was one of the 129 people to be removed from the list (of World Billionaires), for donating an estimated amount of 160 million dollars of her wealth to 14 different organizations such as Dyslexia Action, Children with AIDS, etc. Her deeds have encouraged fans of her works to respect and help those in need no matter their financial and social standing. Therefore, positively impacting the community. On the other hand, not all celebrities create a positive impact on the community.

One such celebrity is Logan Paul. Logan Paul is a Youtuber and many may know him for his infamous deed in the suicide forest in Japan. The suicide forest is a famous place for people who want to end their lives. Out of Paul 15 million fans, about 60 percent were between the age of 12 and 25. The video garnered 6.3 million views in 24 hours and people who saw it condemned his actions and choice. These led to concerns about the values being publicized to the younger generation who might not be able to differentiate between human decency and being desperate for fame. Logan Paul actions were highly criticised because of his disrespectful actions towards the dead. By posting on a highly used social media platform, it allows viewers of a younger age to view and learn from him. Younger viewers are ignorant, and they learn by the actions other people portray in front of them, hence, they may think that Paul actions were unerring and therefore, impacts the community negatively.

Economic impacts are the effect that someone brings to a system of organization or operation. For example, to boost the revenue of a company or an organization. Mavericks Apparel is a clothing company that sells juniors and children clothes in the United States. Linking back to the incident that occurred to Logan Paul in the suicide forest, his actions paid a price as soon as the video was uploaded. Mavericks Apparel filed a letter to Logan Paul to cease and desist from the use of their trademark without authorization. Due to the controversy of Logan Paul in Japan earlier this year, the business of Mavericks Apparel had suffered a huge loss. Maverick Apparel also claims that Logan Paul has cost them 4 million dollars for destroying their brand name. This, therefore shows that because of the reckless action of a celebrity with a large fanbase, it could affect the company reputation negatively.

Hence, shows that celebrities are of a bad influence on the community. Another negative impact that affects the economic status of a company that a celebrity has caused will be Michael Vick collaboration with Nike. Michael Vick was imprisoned for 2 years for fighting with a dog and committing animal cruelty. Initially, he was hired in 2007 to launch his sneakers collection, Zoom Vick V, but was suspended due to his irresponsible action. In 2011, Vick became popular again, and Nike decided to welcome him back by signing a new endorsement deal, many people boycotted the company, causing them to lose costumers and sales revenue. Hence, this shows that not all bring about a positive effect on the community. However, from another standpoint, celebrity endorsement can help boost the business of a firm.

According to a Market Watch claim in Social Media Week, just one endorsement can spell an increase in sales by 4%, almost immediately. An example will be the 2015 Calvin Klein collaboration with Justin Bieber for the spring underwear campaign. The brand reported an increase in apparel sales following Bieber endorsement. This shows that with the help of celebrity endorsement, the sales of a company will increase. People look for familiarity, and when they see familiar faces on an advertisement, it gives them the assurance that the product and brand are trustable since a famous person had advertised or has used it. This helps to boost the sales and reputation of the company the celebrity is working with, which impacts the community positively. With more negative impacts that celebrities have brought upon a community, this proves the point of celebrities bringing more negative impacts instead of positive impacts.

In summary, with great power comes great responsibility. Simply saying, the higher the social standing of a celebrity, the greater he or she can influence and impact the lives of others. Proven by my report, celebrities bring about more negative impacts than positive ones. Firstly, celebrities are role models to the community, and with a large age range of people in the fanbase, they set the examples to the younger audiences who learn from their actions, and a single mistake or word said or done may cause them to be backlashed by many. Secondly, with social media being a platform for celebrities to share about their lives, it is crucial that the content being posted is relevant and moral to the audiences as many users of social media are often children less than the age of 16. Lastly, with many new people gaining popularity nowadays, it is important for companies to be aware of who they choose to endorse on, as the new faces may be infamous for their actions that go against the morality of people, hence, may cause more problems to the company than help.

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