Issue of Climate Migration and Cross-Border in Nepal

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What Has My Country Done to Support or Condemn the Question?

Due to Nepal’s vulnerability to climate change and climate-change induced migration. Nepal has taken various measures as of recently in order to develop itself, specifically in the area of Disaster Risk Management , seeing that there has been an influx of migrants caused due to disasters, most of which have derived from climate change. Nepal has also signed a partnership agreement with the IOM and the IASCI regarding a research and policy dialogue initiative on migration and development. The first project of its kind, assisting Nepal to develop a national policy framework to harness the potential of migration in the event of a disaster.

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The allocation of resources for risk reduction in Nepal has been limited, though progress has been made with 5% of the local budget being allocated for any activity related to Disaster Risk Management by the government of Nepal as well.

The mainstreaming of disaster risk management in development plans, with special emphasis on its implementation has been one of our main focuses, with the risk reduction efforts being integrated in the development process, at a national, regional and local level in accordance with the Sendai Framework For Disaster Risk Reduction as established in 27(a): “To mainstream and integrate disaster risk reduction within and across all sectors and review and promote the coherence and further development, as appropriate, of national and local frameworks of laws, regulations and public policies,” as well as the Disaster Risk and Management Act, 2074 and the National Adaptation Plan of Action (NAPA).

In lieu of this act the Ministry of Home Affairs has initiated a disaster management division that prioritizes and integrates risk reduction, emergency management and policy issues including mainstreaming disaster risk management. Additionally the government of Nepal is enhancing the capacity to Monitor and Respond to such events as well through the use of a disaster management information system named SAHANA which will be developed and institutionalized in due time as well as an Early Warning Strategic Action Plan that has been initiated and will be instrumental in developing the framework for installation, operation and maintenance of the system which will be vital in the prevention of climate – induced migration or even displacement caused by sudden-onset disasters , and a strengthened mechanism for post disaster recovery.

What Further Action Does My Government Plan to Take In Response to These Problems?

There is however an alarming increase in the frequency and magnitude of extreme events or sudden-onset disasters in the context of climate change which will amplify the challenges and risks associated with it as well. A sudden increase in the population density of an area can cause land stress as a disproportionate number of people will be dependent on a small amount of land for agriculture and cultivation purposes and the population stress on resources increase the chances of social conflict and competition over resources, thus only adding to the issue.

This is why the selection of the sit site is extremely imperative. Should relocation become inevitable a reliable frame work or government policies must be in place addressing factors such as potential social tensions, availability of land and population density. Having key infrastructure in the place of relocation is also important ensuring access to clean drinkable water and basic health care. Unless these factors are considered, abiitrary relocation could cause potential backlash instead of providing actual relief to those being relocated.

Furthermore we must take Human Rights into consideration as well, helping strengthen the resilience of the communities and their people. Measures of prevention will help contribute to reduced vulnerability, if they include measures to secure their rights while also restoring the after the aftermath of a disaster.

Climate induced migration and disaster displacement shows that those who are most vulnerable when and by what they will be affected by and they do not have the resources necessary to adapt. This goes to show that although global climate services are available; they must develop and improve allowing information to reach all regions and countries readily.

Early Warning should be sensitive and explicitly address different time-scales. Inadequate knowledge when it comes to climate change and poor linkage between relief assistance, disaster risk reduction, rehabilitation and development are also things preventing us from actually having long term solutions which is why investments and funds are must be put towards the development and research involving climate change and related technology. Only then will we be able to move forward with long term and sustainable solutions and prevention methods.

The nation of Nepal will continue to progress, and thrive to improve the current mechanisms and policies already in place as well as implement new ones on both a local and national level. The delegate of Nepal therefore believes that a framework that outlines all issues with special emphasis on principles with solutions outlining the aforementioned issues will prove to be most feasible in the long run.

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