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Undoubtedly, the most popular streaming content platform in the world market is Netflix, so much so that we have created an updated list of the best series of Netflix 2018 , because millions of users worldwide use this service to watch movies, documents and Serial content, therefore we will use this work to know what is the best Netflix series . Determine which is the best Netflix series can be complex, mainly because it is a long list of good content, however there are some creations that stand out and depending on it we will try to determine it. Netflix in July Certainly Netflix produces magnificent series, of high quality, as well as to no longer have to resort to the contents of Hollywood exclusively, mainly because they stopped being a place to simply host and they became one of the best creators. It may be that when you read our list of the best Netflix series you consider that we can be a bit subjective and the truth is that we have supported our judgment with the results in terms of the score awarded by the IMDB site, with extensive experience and recognition in the sector. It may interest you: How much Netflix costs: Rates and packages 2018 The best Netflix series is on this list We have been able to know great successes and failures, but at this moment we want to highlight the best Netflix series based on a very popular list, and although you have not seen them all, you will surely recognize all these names below: Black Mirror For some the best Netflix series could be Black Mirror, it's content created by Charlie Brooker and produced by Zeppotron for Endemol.

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The central theme of the series has to do with how technology affects our lives, but in particular it can do so in a negative way if there is no control. The chapters do not relate to each other, in fact each episode is developed with a different theme and a different reality, however the central concept is never lost: how we live and how technology affects us. The same study considers this candidate for the best Netflix series as a hybrid of The Twilight Zone and Tales of the Unexpected, focusing on our contemporary discomfort about our modern world. It has been so much the scandal of this series, that the own Robert Downey Jr. It became of the rights of the episode The Entire History of You, to recreate its own version in a separate film in the studios of Warner Bros. Its creator, Charlie Brooker, noted that the title of the possible best Netflix series has to do with the fact that technology is a drug and feels like it, his goal was to explore then the side effects. The black mirror, a black mirror in Spanish, is what each one of us finds on every screen, on every mobile, on every TV and every intelligent device that surrounds us. It has a total of 4 seasons and 19 chapters. The list of the cast is long, but we can highlight some figures such as Daniel Lapaine, Hannah John-Kamen, Jon Hamm and Malachi Kirby. The score received by IMDb is 8.9 / 10 , one of the best rated on the site. OZARK The other option as Netflix's best series is Ozark, it is an American drama that was created by Bill Dubuque. The first season had new chapters of one hour and the tenth was eighty minutes. The protagonist is the well-known Jason Bateman, who also directed the first two and two last episodes.

The role of Bateman is that of a financial adviser named Marty Byrde and is accompanied by Laura Linney who plays the character's wife Wendy; both of you must suddenly change residence from your home in Chicago to a resort in Ozark, a town in Missouri, after making mistakes with a money laundering operation. The protagonist seeks to save his life and that of his family and for that reason he commits to laundering a large sum of money in record time to a powerful Mexican drug trafficker. It has two seasons of 10 episodes each and the score obtained by IMDb is 8.4 / 10; which means a very good rating and then becomes a candidate for the best Netflix series. It may interest you: Mythological stories that become popular thanks to Netflix and videogames House of Cards We continue looking for the best series of Netflix and we find House of Cards, it is a political trailer created by Beau Willimon, is an adaptation of a miniseries with the same name made by the BBC in London and is inspired by the novel by Michael Dobbs It premiered on February 1, 2013, but Willimon resigned as showrunner after the fourth season. The protagonist is played by Kevin Spacey, who is named Frank Underwood, a Democrat of the fifth congressional district of South Carolina and majority coordinator of the House of Representatives of the United States.

This politician was discarded as a candidate for the Secretary of State, then begins with an elaborate plan to get to the Presidency helped by his wife, Claire Underwood role played by Robin Wright. On August 7, 2018, Netflix announced the sixth and final season that will premiere on November 2, 2018. The IMDb score that would make it the best Netflix series is 8.9 / 10. For thirteen reasons The best series of Netflix does not have to be a very elaborated subject and that it is directed to a very greater public, for that reason we have incorporated to this list this adolescent drama based on the novel of 2007 For thirteen reasons of Jay Asher and adapted by Brian Yorkey for Netflix. The story of this series is related to a high school student who commits suicide after a series of culminating failures, which were prompted by select boys within their school. The whole story is recorded in a box of cassette tapes that were recorded by Hannah before her suicide, detailed in 13 reasons. Its two protagonists are Dylan Minnette and Katherine Langford, both characters who have had to face criticism for the graphic representation of suicide and rape, along with other content for disturbing adults. It may be the best Netflix series with an IMDb score of 8.1 / 10. Stranger Things Finally, in our search for the best Netflix series we find this science fiction work that was co-produced and distributed by Netflix. It was written and directed by brothers Matt and Ross Duffer. The story is set in the fictional county of Hawkins, Indiana, specifically in the 1980s, and it all begins with the disappearance of a twelve-year-old boy named Will Byers. After that, a girl named Eleven, who is apparently fugitive and has telekinetic powers, meets Mike, Dustin and Lucas, all friends of Will, and helps them in the search for their partner. The score received in IMDb is 8.9 / 10.

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