Never Judge Someone by the Way They Look


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Everyone can remember the first days of high school. We all walked through the hallways doors wondering, what high school is going to be like for the next four years. I remember meeting someone of my old friends from middle school, but they were seniors. Just from a first glance can tell who Im going to be friends with. I realized that some of my first impressions of people were completely off. By just looking at someone we think we know them, but the truth is you can not judge someone by their appearance.

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In high school I always got into trouble for being the class clown. I can remember the countless phone calls my mother received from my teachers complaining about my conduct in class. Everyone thought that just because i was the class clown I wasn’t smart, or he fool around so much because he don’t understand the work. It was my senior year of high school I was in math taking a practice test.

My teacher kept complaining my about my conduct and why don’t i be like the other kids. I sat in the back of the class alone because my teacher said I disturb other students. So lonely I sat in the back wanting to crack jokes so I stood up and shout something really disturbing. However it was an everyday thing that i would do. So I started barking like a dog. Every time my teacher reminded us how much time we have left I would bark. Some of my classmates i was mental because the way i acted in class.

My teacher became very annoyed but mostly because the student could not stop laughing at me when i act stupid. Many people tried to clown me and call me stupid, but they were unsuccessful. I didn’t really care what people say about me, I ignoring people, some have tried but they were disrespectful, and just plain mean. The purpose is not to be disrespectful of to hurt anyone’s feelings, But rather to make the class more fun for me another and someday they would look back at this day and laugh. They would look back and tell their kids how fun high school was for them.

When was time to take the start math exam math exam. I quiet sat down in class and took the test an answer the questions the best way to my abilities. Times up, the test ended my teacher collected our test, then we all left. One week pasted I found out that i past the state exam with a 80, most of my classmate were shocked because some of them failed the best. In conclusion never judge someone by the way they look or act because you may judge them the wrong way, and they might shock you in the end.

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