Never Skip Thumb Day: a Take on Everything that is Wrong with Gym Selfies

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A workout is futile if you don’t cap it off with a very sleek, sweat free and glamorous gym “mirror” selfie that shows off all your assets in their full glory. In this crazy, social media obsessed era of selfies, gym selfie steals the show of being the most narcissistic. The fact that narcissism is identified as a psychological disorder is what makes me feel secure about my lack of gym selfies while munching on deep fried and glazed donuts.


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It’s nice to know that people have ample of time to go in a swanky gym, complete with an amazing floor to ceiling mirror that not only helps you to watch while you pump your bicep to unnatural state but also pumps your ego to another level. It’s even nicer to be a part of something as trivial as your fitness regime but still this is not enough after all you are paying thousand of bucks every month so you can put up a state of art gym selfie that will make everyone jealous.

There is something about gym and the so called gym freaks that just rubs me the wrong way. These freaks don’t only workout and keep it at that like any other non-freak person would do but it’s almost ceremonious for them to post a picture on social media with all the muscles on display for public scrutiny. Everyone is a proverbial “beast” and they all have one aim: to achieve bigger muscles and even more sexy selfies.


If you look at the whole process of acquiring a gym selfie, it’s almost painful. It’s not as easy as it looks. First, you need to have the coolest gym clothes. If you think any old loose t-shirt of your older brother to sweat in works then you are in for a shock. For a perfect gym selfie, you need to sweat in Adidas and Nike that might cost you a chunk out of your salary. When you are suitably dressed, choose a location that is pretentious and screams, “LOOK I JUST DEADLIFTED THIS MUCH!” When you are done with location let’s come to the fact that even after work-out you need to look glammed up. Yes, sweat is still ewww and that splotchy red face is still unattractive and please tuck those stray strands of hair that are defying gravity in. After meeting all these impossible standards, also make sure that the mirror selfie only has you in it and no one else photobombing it with ungainly limbs and naked torso.


This doesn’t even stop here, we also have the self-appointed fitness motivators. These are those people who were insecure and had weight troubles. They took a good initiative and went to reduce their weight but this doesn’t stop here. Now, they also take it upon themselves to motivate other people about fitness and gives them advice on social media. They give completely another twist to whole gym selfie concept. They will post an old picture that shows a body that is unattractive i.e. slightly overweight and then alongside this they will post an extremely glamorous photo of gleaming muscles, ripped abdomen, defined legs and what not and term this as a transformation. This officiates the start of a very delusional fitness advice career on social media.


Hence, this whole gym selfie obsession and creating another set of impossible beauty standards for everyone to meet is a new concept of this social media age. Another time I hear, “I want a guy with Abs” comment, I do realize that it is another notch in what is considered as beauty and what is not.

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