New Democratic Party - Introduction to the Study of This Issue

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If people want better change, they should make better choices. And a way of doing this is by voting for the New Democraric Party. The NDP is the party that puts the needs of the communities and their families first, so that the communities get the changes they want. The New Democrats are the NDP, they want to fix up Canada's problems and build a better future for everyone. They want to make life affordable for everybody. The New Democratic Party wants to build a strong economy that benefits society as a whole. Finally, they want to secure our future and take care of our environment by protecting our air, land, and water.

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Making society more affordable for everyone is perfect for communities, and that's exactly what the New Democratic Party is accomplishing. The NDP believe that everybody should have the right to a safe and affordable place to live, according to the official NDP site. People should be able to live in neighbourhoods they grew up in. Seniors should not have to be forced out of their childhood community. Affordable housing is difficult for many families due to extreme immense prices, and residences are getting more and more expensive. The horrifying payments are stressing too many parents, keeping them up all night. Graduates' fantasy of getting their own houses is slowly dying because of how pricey homes are nowadays. According to, "today, 1.7 million Canadian households spend more than 30 percent of their income on housing." This means that property owners have to stress over paying rent, or to buy food to live off of, or even move to a different community because of high pricing. All this expensive housing and stress is because of what the Liberals and Conservatives have caused. The NDP want to change that and help as many people as possible. They want to make a great impact on all communities in Canada because they believe finding a reasonably priced home should not be astonishing or unusual. They want to exterminate stress from people and make it accessible for them to buy houses. ‘The New Democratic government will create 500,000 units of affordable housing, and also spur the construction of affordable homes by waiving the federal portion of the GST/HST on the construction of new affordable rental units.People are working very hard, so they deserve better working conditions and a fair salary from it.

Jobs are getting more difficult to find, causing young adults to struggle with starting a family because of the loss of income. Parents are also having difficulty finding jobs, causing some of them to go back and forth between multiple part-time jobs. This means some parents do not even have time to spend with their kids, because of how busy they are due to the big amount of load from working. Many decades of low-paying jobs is a result of the arrangements made by the Liberals and Conservatives. They have been proven over and over again that they cannot be reliable when it comes to wages of employees. The New Democratic Party is making finding jobs easier, by working for the community. They understand that suitable job can help and make a big difference among many Canadian households. The NDP want less injustice and more elegant jobs for the futures of all Canadians. The Liberals and Conservatives do not put much effort to help the environment. On the other hand, the Democrats really focus on creating a clean environment with unpolluted air, water, and land so that communities can be more safe. Putting a price on carbon is a crucial way to reduce the amount of greenhouse gasses that are being released into the atmosphere. The New Democratic Party will continue to put expenses on carbon. Another way how the New Democrats will help save the environment, is by improving and enlarging public transportation systems in communities all across Canada. This is something that the Liberals and Conservatives did not focus on expanding, and this change in our communities could make a bigger impact on reducing the amount of pollution that people produce.

For the longest time, the government has reduced the supply of basic services for plenty of Canadian citizens. Instead of investing their funds on people, the Liberals and Conservatives have chosen to spend loads of money on rich corporations. The New Democrats focus on helping people and their communities. They want everyone to find good, fair jobs, make sure environments are always clean, give quality healthcare for everybody, and help every Canadian to be able to have an affordable lifestyle. Voting for the NDP is making the right decision because they exceed in accomplishing all these elements and factors that make our society a better, and easier place to live in.

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