New Generation Vs Political Correctnesses & Injustices

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We live in a society built around a vast human taxonomy that is constantly revised by the rich and powerful. And in every revision, every reinterpretation that undergoes the rigid set of social stratification we are left with the simple notion that our utility is over morality, purpose over personality and usefulness over happiness. If you could step out of the system and view it for what it really is, you would see a prison full of willing prisoners. We are slaves of what we conceive as Thought Crimes. Always discontent of our minds, editing them to meet standards. Whether you were born a U.S. citizen or not, rich or poor, you were meant to follow guidelines and rules. Your prison is your consciousness, those above you hold the key. And more often than not, we do not realize we are locked in.

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You might think you’re in control of your life, but your life is mapped out in front of you. Where you were born, what language you spake, the color of your skin, your economic status, are all relevant to the creation of your map. A map in which your role is to obey. We might like to think that those who write out these maps are of a balanced moral compass, false. It’s only balanced between their own earnings and interests. In truth, it is about control. We are forced to suppress our good morals, to suppress the urge to do the right thing when needed. The people who sheltered Jews during the Holocaust were breaking the law. Schindler broke the law. The underground Railroads broke the law, Harriet Tubman broke the law. Martin Luther King broke the law, The Boston Tea Party broke the law. If it means to help those in need, those being persecuted, doing the right thing, break the law. The laws of today are written by immorality in office. Break the law.

My generation and the generation before me are aware of these injustices, of the wrong that sits in office, in the ignorance of the “guiding hand”. We are not afraid of political correctnesses and are willing to overset boundaries set by the powerful, the morally indecisive, and the opposers of change. These generalities I am putting forth I have seen to be true, whether at schools or with my social group. Great minds think alike and can redirect our constricting society.

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