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New York’S Turmoil

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One evidently leading to peace, stability, and tradition, and the other to anarchy, uncertainty, and grief. The path you fixate upon is a right god has granted to man, the right to makes ones’ own decision. But brothers contemplate your judgments closely. For at the very least remember our sovereign mother, Great Britain. It is she, who bestowed upon us boats to cross the Atlantic, to find home. It is she who provides the linen draped on our backs and the goods that satiate our needs. It is she who protected us from the barbaric Indians and merciless French. Hence with deep sorrow I’ve seen our English brothers turn a blind eye to all that Mother Britain has given us. Instead they choose to build lawless rebellions, wreak havoc and destroy private property. It’s almost as if they have metamorphized into children, children who have chosen to break laws in snotty disobedience. After everything Great Britain has given us our lost brothers are still hungry for more.

Firstly, our lost brothers, the patriots, and their mob allies, threaten to destroy government entirely and return to the state of nature in which private property will no longer be secure. The liberty men stand behind words said by a man centuries ago. John Lock stated that “if a man’s property is not secure, he has no liberty. He is a slave to his belly, or to anyone who has power” (8). These words rang true in the time of Locke, but now they do us no justice. We are in a different century were men promote liberty through thievery and assaults. Mobs are burning manor houses, damaging farms, and seizing land. That is not liberty, that is chaos! Moreover, wild patriots are ignoring the legitimacy of our sovereign nation.

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Britain is distinguished as an influential nation whom is instrumental in the world’s trade and known as the strongest military power. Nonetheless these points are trivial evidence to prove the countries legitimacy. For legitimacy does not require popular acceptance of a particular politician or party in power, nor does it mean approval of every government act. Rather it recognizes that governments make mistakes and that the common good of the people is upheld by that government. I can see how some might waver with their loyalty to Britain due to the Intolerable Acts. But these acts were the logical consequences of our reckless brothers dumping 342 chests of tea into the sea. As well, taxation is how we buy our protection and liberty. We pay for the soldiers who defend us from foreign enemies. And in return some of our brothers create riots and question why we aren’t given more liberty. Well, let me answer you with a question. How can we expect Britain to grant us more liberty after we have so readily abused the amount they have already given us? Nonetheless, the Liberty men say they speak of freedom and rights, but what of the slaves that reap their crops and drive their wagons. Yet how can such words leave their lips when their lives are true examples of everything they say they are not. Secondly, we must restore order and law into New York city. Without the means to enforce debts, settle property disputes, and try accused criminals, the city is ungovernable.

The Liberty men have continually maimed our community for their own greedy pursuits. For instant, last January they destructed our liberty pole which led to the appalling battle of golden hill, a bloody fracas between our soldiers and the mob. As well, they started the so-called Boston massacre, when we all known in truth was begun by a deceitful patriot. We must reconceive control of city before it falls into chaos, although I fear we have already arrived. At least now you can see, gentlemen of the council, and gentlemen of the assembly, how vital it is that we reopen courts in our city. It is a matter of need if we care to secure our livelihoods and welfare of children.

Again, we mustn’t let the patriots antagonize us into betraying our mother-country, no matter how persistent and fearsome they may be., In conclusion, I ultimately propose that we reopen the courts in New York City. As well, I offer moderate, farmer John Polhamus as chief judge. He can sympathize for his fellow farmers and understand the pressing issues arising. In other words, he would be a well-qualified chief judge and representor of the people. Lastly, I’ll leave you with this, the British empire, the British Isles, and the American colonies are truly one political nation equipped with the best form of government in the world. Becoming independent of Britain would be an absolute mistake. We would lose all trade with Britain and any countries she has commerce with. This would cripple our economy and leave us struggling to produce enough food to keep us alive. I cannot say our sovereign nation hasn’t made mistakes. But let me ask you this…are mistakes enough justification to leave our Mother nation, commerce, and way of life in the dust?


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