New Zealand Tourism Management: Sustainability

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Table of Contents

  • Background Concept of Sustainability
  • Sustainable initiatives of the New Zealand Tourism Sustainability Commitment
  • Critical evaluation of sustainability approaches
  • Integrating sustainability to business practices
  • Recommendations

Background Concept of Sustainability

Sustainability in simple terms means to control and use the resources in a better way so that the present resources should be kept for future generation. According to experts, Sustainability "meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs."

Sustainability depends on three main things like environment health, economic profitability and social & economic equity in a best way.

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Sustainable initiatives of the New Zealand Tourism Sustainability Commitment

Studies show that New Zealand tourism focuses on four sustainability commitment factors which are described below.

Economic Commitment: First factor pay full attention on Tourism in delivering prosperity across the New Zealand economy. $41 billion total annual tourism revenue by 2025 and Tourism businesses are experiencing sustainable growth through on-going profitability, innovation, quality improvement and investment. Kamahi cottage keeps on investing in their business which attracts the attention of the customers as well. And number of customers increases every year by 23% which means that they don’t have only repeated customers but also the new customers who are coming there to experience the services offered by them.

Visitor Commitment: Secondly it’s mainly focus on visitor that New Zealand delivers world leading experiences for both international and domestic visitors. International and domestic visitors’ experience of New Zealand overwhelmingly meets or exceeds expectations. and Tourism businesses actively engage with their visitors to ensure that the visitor experience is enhanced, and adverse impacts are reduced.

Host Community Commitment: Thirdly New Zealanders strongly support and reap the benefit from tourism operating in their community. New Zealanders are happy with the level of tourism activity and support growth And Tourism businesses are desirable and responsible employers, and leaders in engaging and supporting vibrant communities.

Environmental Commitment: At last tourism is recognized for its contribution to protecting, restoring and enhancing New Zealand’s natural environmental and biodiversity. Tourism businesses actively support and champion ecological restoration initiatives. And Tourism businesses are measuring, managing and minimizing their environmental footprint.

Critical evaluation of sustainability approaches

According to MBIE their latest forecast was for year 2018 – 2024 says that number of visitors who are going to visit New Zealand are expected to increase by 4.6 percent every year , which will lead to the total number of 5.1 million visitors in the year 2024 from 3.7 million in 2017 and the expected international spending is going to reach $14.8 billion by the year 2024 and it is a 40 percent growth from the last year which was 2017. New Zealand is paying a great attention towards the sustainable tourism and the natives are also very much aware of the available resources and they know that once these resources are gone it is going to be very difficult for the generation to come. Australia has been the New Zealand’s biggest visitor market in 2017 with more than 1.5 million visitors. The forecast shows that tourist from Australia will keep on growing with a total percentage of 23. I found that people of New Zealand are more responsible and are they are leading this with a great perspective in mind.

Moreover, China is going to be the largest market at the end of the forecast period.

Integrating sustainability to business practices


In my opinion first benefit to implement strategies of sustainable tourism to business practices will increase country wealth and generate good income for the nation. As numbers of tourist ratio increase then revenue of nation will also increase.

Second benefit is employment opportunities for the citizens. As tourist come to New Zealand on regular basis then there is need of more infrastructure and man power to handle the tourist of different countries. In that way employment chances will come for deserved candidates of nation.


Use of nation resources not in a better way, as we all know different countries have different cultures. In those way resources supply and demand will effect.

As tourist ratio will increase day by day it will also affect every single person by creating problem of traffic jams, crime ratio, huge crowd and sometime price of particular items go costly due to increase in demand by tourists.


Some suggestion related to different to sustainability in New Zealand are discuss below:

Economic Commitment: New Zealand government should focus on tourism policy so that people of very country will come in safe and best way. Good packages and good policies are to be maintained so that very person of other country will come again and again. When all things happen in a planned way then infrastructure and profit ratio will also increase. Moreover, New Zealand’s government should help these kinds of businesses who are trying to follow each, and every single initiative required to improve the nature.

Visitor Commitment: This commitment is to be full fill in any condition, as visitor are satisfied from a cottage or from country rules and laws they will promote the culture and rules in their country. In short way they promote the tourism of a particular nation. Visitor records and visitors should be thanks for their spending their valuable time in New Zealand.

Host Community Commitment: Government should play an important role to let visitors know about the culture of the natives so that tourist should be aware of their culture. With the help of which tourist will become more aware of the things which will offend the natives.

Environment: Finally, we all depend on nature and nature is giving us the beautiful views and things which people of different countries are coming to see. So there must be some duty of everyone to protect the environment from different hazards like air pollution, water pollution and stop cutting of trees for building of new hotels and cottages. Environment will be safe then country will be saving for future. So we must use the nature resources in a best and useful way without wasting.

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