Newspaper Analysis: Listeriosis in the Fast Food Industry in South Africa

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Many diseases have been discovered this year such as the chicken flu but the biggest worry out of all the diseases/infections was Listeriosis. Listeriosis is a disease caused by an intention with Listeria which is similar to flu but is very dangerous as it could cause miscarriages. According to WHO (World Health Organization) has said that South Africa has had the worst outbreak of listeriosis so far causing the death of 183 patients to die. This has caused a lot of stress for everyone but the real stress is not only on the Supermarkets but the Fast Food Industry especially when the various companies have ham or polony in their menu such as Debonairs, Romans Pizza. The conflict between the supplier and restaurant or the image of the company as well as the brand of the company will be affecting which wholeheartedly affects the sales of some of the Fast food companies. Therefore economy of the country being affected as companies such as Enterprise and Rainbow Chicken lose out on sales because of Listeriosis and employee’s jobs have been lost due to the outbreak. The return of these brands will be very hard as consumers won’t trust them as well as they used to and this will cause conflict in the company as well as damage the Brand of Enterprise. Pizza companies aren’t at harm as well! Chicken companies such as KFC and Nando’s, are harmed as cross contamination could possibly happen which could affect the chicken industry and possibly the loss of trust of consumers due to previous rumors. The Public Relations department is being tested with their ethics and cooperate governance in how they handle the listeriosis outbreak.

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The first article is written by Isolezwe and it mentions the 2000 jobs post due to the Listerosis outbreak. This outbreak would’ve caused the Human Capital department a nightmare as they have the pay retrenchment to these employees and possible plan a new Manpower Planning on how many people really needed and the skills required at the moment as sales have decreased and Entreprise and Raibow Chicken won’t be able to afford as many employees as they used to. This will affect the economy as aspects such as the unemployment rate (26,6%) that decrease our economy. This outbreak will definitely cause m economic problems which will make costs even more expensive especially when merchandise is being imported. Cyril Ramaphosa has ensured the country that he’s getting the national Food and Regulatory safety to check on the food and to ensure the safety of the food will make the country calm down and little and this shows some Political stability as to how the government handled the situation. That will increase the economy as well as the well-being of the South Africans affected by this disease.

Even though in the second article it mentioned how slow the Minister of health Dr. Aaron Motsoaledi had not made an announcement of a possible strategy to deal with this outbreak more than a week after the news of the outbreak which could show a little of instability of South Africa and will affect the Political aspect Macro environment for environments and could make eternal (foreign) investors think twice about investing in the countries fast food companies which will affect the profit of Yum Brands and Tasty incorporation as their sales and productivity will slow down. Nando’s and KFC and other various companies have announced on social media like twitter and websites that they are clear of Listerosis.

Such as Debonairs and Romans Pizza who have verified that their ham on pizzas are safe to eat because of the degree they bake their pizzas is too hot for the listeria bacterium to survive especially with the help of Public Health Consultancy ( PHC) which truly helps calm consumers nerves especially when it comes from a scientifically proving company. This tweet had saved their image and possible economic downfall. Technology use of social media has made it easier for fast food companies to reply to worries consumers and answer a lot their messages regarding the Listeria outbreak and save the image of their company as well as being transparent with their employees by telling them how they food is cooked in order to ensure and convince their consumers that their food is safe to eat. KFC has reported that “Our food is freshly cooked just before we serve it, further ensuring its safety. We will continue to hold ourselves and supply partners to the highest quality and safety standards,” but one can argue that KFC might not be fully trusted as some of their employees wash the chicken on concrete and are many pictures of people finding mice in their KFC burgers or chicken. KFC’s image might be their enemy in this situation due to their publicity and association of not always being the highest quality chicken fast food company. KFC’s supply chain in their organizational awareness is their downfall as their employees might not perform to their best standards. This is why KFC should carefully analyze their internal and find what the issue is and what pressure the employees could be experiencing especially because of the many customers that visit KFC, which isn’t an excuse for them to not be able to be aware of what’s happening in each of their 1000 stores and their supply chain.

In the McDonald’s website explains the procedures they do in order to ensure that they food has no listeriosis such as having Sanitary equipment available and they separate the raw and ready to eat meals so there’s no chance of cross contamination, which really helps calm consumers of McDonalds and how they’ve made their suppliers extra strict on their meat to ensure the safety of the consumers.

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