Nexa`s Treats and Client Centric Approach

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  • Threats
  • Client Centric Approach
  • Committed to Motorizing India


  • New players like KIA, MG, Peuguet are planning to enter the Indian market.
  • Major players like Nexa India, Hyundai, Tata has lost its market share due to many small players like Volkswagen- polo. Ford has shown a considerable increase in market share due to its Figo.
  • Tata Motors recent launches like Nano 2012, Indigo e-cs are imposing major threats to its respective competitor’s segment
  • China may give a good competition as they are also planning to enter into Indian car segment.
  • Launch of Hyundai’s H800 may result in the decline of ignis sales.

Client Centric Approach

Nexa's client centricity is particularly proven by winning the J D Power CSI Awards consecutively for the five times. Spotlight on consumer loyalty is the thing that Nexa lives with. Nexa has effectively shed off the general population part laid back mentality picture and has instilled the client neighborly approach in its association culture. The client driven disposition is soaked up in its representatives. Nexa merchants and workers are liable to even a solitary client gripe. There are occurrences of crossing out of dealerships in view of client criticism.

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Nexa has taken various activities to work well for client. They have even changed their showroom format with the goal that client needs to walk least in the showroom and there are standards for benefit times and conveyance of vehicles. The Dealer Sales Executive, who is the principal connection medium with the Nexa client when the client strolls in Nexa showroom, is prepared on welcome decorum’s. Nexa has appropriate method of greeting the customer with high tea. The Nexa call focus is another exertion which conveys Nexa closer to its client. Their sales executive stays on its toes to contemplate the changing purchaser conduct and market needs.. Nexa is contributing a great deal of cash and exertion in building client dedication programs.

Committed to Motorizing India

Nexa is focused on mechanizing India. Nexa is correct working towards making things straightforward for Indian purchasers to redesign the auto. Towards this end, Nexa aims at providing their customers a modern look car with all the benefits and usp of maruti Suzuki.

Nexa expects the conservative autos, which at present constitute around 80% of the market, to be the motor of development later on. Vigorous monetary development, positive administrative structure, moderate back and enhancements in framework support development of the traveler vehicles portion.

Nexa has achieved another milestone, nexa has launched its own finance support for the customers. Customer wanting to get the car financed (EMI) they can get it done through nexa finance without walking out of the showroom to any bank for the finance procedure at a better

Rate of interest. the EMI (compared regularly scheduled payments) would run between Rs 4,000 and Rs 5,000. That, in addition to another Rs 1,500-2,000 for month to month upkeep, another Rs 1,000 for fuel (would be the cost of utilizing the auto). To counter that worry, the organization is taking a shot at an original thought. Control over the fuel charge is in the customer's hands. Be that as it may, support require not be.

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