Nick Wilde Struggling Through the Stereotypes in Zootopia

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Nick Wilde Struggling through the Stereotypes in Zootopia

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Imagine being portrayed as mischievous and sly, this is the life of Nick Wilde. In the movie Nick Wilde is challenged with this stereotype. He contradicts the stereotype of a typical fox because he uses his negative characteristics to help Judy become a police officer. He also uses his slyness to assist Judy and the police force. This shows how he went against the typical fox stereotype. Nick also uses this persona to show Judy the how he made his way around Zootopia. He struggles to change his personality to one that is more positive. This is a challenge as he is typically known as a hustler, which is defined as someone that does illegal things to get ahead. This is why Nick Wilde is portrayed as mischievous and sly.

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Nick Wilde is portrayed as an untrustworthy fox because he lies to Judy by saying that he just wanted to buy a jumbo pop for his son. He then took the jumbo pops, melted them and resold them as his own with the caption, “ Pawpscicles get your pawpsicles.” He instructed, his customers, the mice to throw their pawpsicles sticks in the bin where Finick was waiting to collect them. Then they took the pawpsicles sticks and sold them to the lumber company as red wood. He did this by saying “ Lumber delivery.” This makes him untrustworthy because he is giving the lumber company used pawpsicle sticks and labeling them red wood. This is a lie but the lumber company doesn't realize what Nick is doing. Nick Wild is thought of as untrustworthy because he is deceitful, dishonest, and crooked. Common traits for a con artist.

The popsicle situation also portrayed Nick Wilde as a sneaky fox. He needs to learn how to tell the truth and not lie about simple things to get things for free. Nick and Fitnick have been scamming people since Nick was 12 years old. He tells this to Judy saying, “200 bucks a day, fluff. 365 days a year, since I was 12.” He made a lot more money by doing this but he also did not pay any of his taxes for all those years of working. This shows the sneaky persona that Nick Wilde has in the movie. This is one of the many ways that Nick shows that he is sneaky throughout the movie.

Nick Wilde is thought of as a street smart fox because he knows how to get out of complicated situations with the police. He demonstrates this to Judy by pointing behind her and disappearing. He shows his street smarts to Judy, “Nick points behind Hopps. She turns... no one. She turns back. Nick is gone-- his tail disappears around a corner. ” He points to take Judy’s attention off of him and then gets out of there as fast as possible. He uses his street smarts to use the fastest route away from Judy’s area. This shows how Nick can use his street smarts to escape and get out of any bad situations with anyone including the police and Judy. He is able to make his way out of any intersection into an alley or any highway to an alley within seconds. Nick Wilde is a street smart fox because he knows how to get out of situations with the cops as he represents with tricking Judy into letting him get away.

Think about it! If a person was thought of as shifty and untrustworthy how would that person feel? How would they feel to be stereotyped like this? This is Nick Wilde's life in Zootopia. In this movie, Nick Wilde is known as shifty, untrustworthy, and street smart. But all foxes are stereotyped as mischievous and sly characters. Nick has to struggle through all of these stereotypes throughout the entire movie where people judge and evaluate him. He tries to become more of a good guy as the story progresses but still has issues escaping the typical fox label. This is why Nick is portrayed as mischievous and sly, but he does contradicts these claims by helping judy and the police find all of the missing animals.

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