Nine Things to Do in Birch Run, the United States

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Most of you have not heard of this place, right? And now you’re wondering what you are doing here reading this and whether it’d be a good idea to risk spending your vacation in this place. Well, hit the breaks for a second. By the end of this piece, you are going to start booking the tickets for visiting this spectacular place. Birch Run is actually a beautiful little village in Michigan in the United States of America. As for the history, this place was established in 1852 as a station on the Pere Marquette Railroad. Only in 1954, it was incorporated as a village. But don’t let this fool you. This place has a great deal to offer you and can easily defeat the usual vacation spots.

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Here are the top 9 things to do in Birch village while you are at that village tourism phase of your life.

St. Julians Winery

If you enjoy the delicacies of wine tasting, this place is a perfect match for you. As Michigan’s oldest, largest, and most awarded winery, St. Julians Winery offers a diverse range of wines – from sweet to red, white, and dry. With different exotic and tasty cocktails and mocktails, this winery is sure to show you a good time. The vast range of wines and the variety in the quality manages to amaze almost anyone. From white wines to red wines to cider wines and sparkling wines, this place never lets you down. The best thing is that the prices are reasonable and decent. One can also take a few bottles of wine home with them. There are a lot of other food and soft drinks available for the children and teenagers to enjoy. Hence, this winery welcomes and entertains people from all age groups.

Frankenmuth River Place Shop

If you’re the kind of person whose trip remains incomplete without some shopping, you will definitely love this place. Frankenmuth River Place Shop has over 40 unique shops and attractions which will never cease to amuse you. With a lot of shops selling gnomes, keychains, small statues and many other items, this place is perfect for your take-home souvenir shopping. For the children, there are major attractions like mirror maze, horror house, toy shops, and candy stores. There is also a boat ride facility here which justifies the name of this market. Beauty parlours, boutiques, souvenir shops, clothes stores – you will find everything here! It also features street shows and offers a great experience overall.

Flint Institute of Arts

Being the second largest art museum in Michigan and one of the largest museum art schools in the country, the Flint Institute of Arts offers exhibitions, interpretive programs, film screenings, concerts, lectures, family events and educational outreach programs to people of various ages. It serves about 160,000 children and adults every year. Its collection exceeds 8,000 objects which prove significant for its depth of European and American paintings and sculptures. Some of the highlights of this collection include 15th to 18th century English, French, and Italian decorative arts, a complete set of 17th century French tapestries, and American and French Impressionist and Post-Impressionist paintings among others. So, art lovers better watch out for this place!

Michigan Military and Space Heroes Museum

Do you like to dig into the history of the place you visit? If yes, then bingo! Opened in 1987, the Michigan Military and Space Heroes Museum focuses on the history of Michigan’s military and space heroes. This museum is dedicated to retelling the stories of sacrifice endured by Michigan’s servicemen and women. It is, in fact, the only museum devoted to the wartime experiences of men and women and records their history. It was built to honour, respect and memorize the memories of Michigan men and women who showed bravery when the nation needed them and joined the military services during America’s seven foreign wars, from the Spanish American war and to the battle of terrorism as well. With over 140 displays and 7,000 exhibits, the museum also hosts stories of many devoted governors and the local legends like astronauts, receivers of medal of honour, etc. Active military discounts and live performances are some of its highlights. Thus, if you wish to be involved in this step of honouring these people, then you must come to visit this place.

Crossroads Village & Huckleberry Railroad

Hopping on a train which would carry you back to simpler times sounds exciting, right? Well, this is exactly what you get to experience here. The 40 minute journey behind authentic Baldwin steam locomotive will take you along the shores of Mott Lake, down a stretch of the historic Pere Marquette roadbed and back into the heart of Crossroads Village. The environment here in Crossroads Village is energetic, yet relaxed. With an exercise room, hair salon, library, crafts room and a solarium, one can have indoor entertainment. For the outdoor entertainment, one can play croquet, have picnics and shuffleboard courts with a 13-acre landscape. This is an excellent residence for energetic middle-aged adults.

Alpine Mountain Golf

This place is perfect for relaxing with your friends and family while playing a little mini golf. With bumper boats, go-karts, miniature golf courses, bank shot basketball, picnic area, and a waterfall, this place is a scenic beauty. The staff is super friendly, the prices are exceptionally reasonable, and the property is very well maintained. So, if you’re looking for a fun and refreshing outing, the golf courses here are waiting for you and your friends to get your game on.

Birch Run Township Park

Need to spend some quality time with your family? Birch Run Township Park is the ideal place to do so. With a lot of things present here for fun family activities including a basketball court, playground area, ball diamonds and walking tracks, this place will help you strengthen your bonds with your loved ones. The overall atmosphere is stress-free, with friendly people, easy access and ample directions to go to. With a beautiful place to walk, ride a bike, lots of playgrounds, toys for the kids to play on, picnic tables under a pavilion, restrooms and excellent amenities, this park is a tremendous spot for rejuvenating activities. There are trash receptacles as well. Several benches are also scattered throughout the park making it a perfect place for a picnic.

Wilderness Trails Zoo

There’s nothing like spending time watching exotic animals in good old zoos. The trails of Wilderness Trail Zoo will take you through 56 acres of natural surroundings to see fascinating animals such as zebras, primates, reptiles, lions, and parrots. There is a petting area and parakeet encounter for an up close and personal adventure with the animals. This tourist attraction in Birch Run was opened in 1991. One can also imagine life as a bird-eating spider or a red-tailed boa constrictor in the “Rainforest Experience.” There are also feed stations throughout the zoo to feed the herbivores and the fishes in aquariums. After feeding the animals around the zoo, you can relax and enjoy the “Picnic Pavilion.” If the kids want some more fun after their zoo adventure, they can hang around the playground and have fun on swings. Overall, it makes up for a great family outing.

Spring Break Family Fun Centre

This is a centre of fun indeed! Located in Birch Run, Michigan at premium outlet malls, this is the place to go to when you want to host any special event. The site facilitates indoor and outdoor secured play zone, arcade games and eye play interactive as well as attractive video games. With over 9000 square feet of clean, safe play zone, you can be sure of the fun your kids are going to have. With bouncer slides, mazes, obstacle course combos for toddlers and various toys along with decorated party room, this place makes sure you and your family take back a memorable experience with you at the end of the day. Safety measures include private netting with all the toys cleaned and disinfected. No stranger can get in and outside the campus without proper permission. However, one must know for a fact that one can’t get outside food in. Play Groups include School & Daycare field trips and more. And the parents will not get bored, thanks to the free Wifi that is provided.

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