Non-Profit Organization: Guyana Red Cross Society

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  • Introduction
  • The History of Guyana Red Cross
  • The Programs of Guyana Red Cross Society
  • Conclusion


Throughout the year's Non-profit organizations (NPO's) have established at the local, regional and international levels and their influence is increasing. A Non-profit organization is an institution that conducts affairs to assist other individuals and groups rather than garnering profits for themselves.

The History of Guyana Red Cross

During the year 1919, the International Red Cross and Red Crescent were founded in Paris after World War 1 had finished, Henry Dunant in 1859 came up with the idea of the Red Cross when he witnessed a bloody battle scene in Solferino, Italy. International Red Cross and Red Crescent have over the years started the institution within one hundred & ninety 190 Countries, countries such as Jamaica Honduras, Dominican Republic, Ghana, Haiti, Nigeria, etc. Guyana is one of the many countries benefiting from the International Red Cross and Red Crescent.

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Guyana Red Cross Society was established within the year of 1948 as a branch of the British Red Cross and 1967 after Guyana gained its Independence the name changed to Guyana Red Cross Society (Act No. 2507 1967), 2019 makes Seventy-Two (72) years since the Guyana Red Cross Society has been established in Guyana. This Non-profit organization is located at 1 Barrack Street Georgetown with their mission to improve the lives of vulnerable people by mobilizing the power of humanity they have been working to address both immediate and long-term needs, including emergency shelter, food, and medicine, water, and sanitation, restoring family contact for disaster victims.

The Programs of Guyana Red Cross Society

Guyana Red Cross Society is a voluntary organization that provides supplementary or additional help and support to the public authorizes of their country in the humanitarian field. The response to disaster such as flood and Health issues in communities, example region 9 floods with the collaboration with the region authorizes, they monitor the flood, for about three weeks and they had given the region hygiene kits, rubber boots, mosquito net, clean up kits amongst other things. During the 2005 flood the society supported by transforming a section of their Headquarters in Eve Leavry into a shelter for families who had flee their homes because of flood waters. Different groups are under the Guyana Red Cross Society group such as HIV/AIDS, Blood drive, Voluntary groups, etc. The HIV/ AIDS educate the public about the virus by having different workshops and programs within the administrative regions. The society contributes to the national blood drive through a recruitment program, they invite donors and officials from the Blood Bank to do the testing and drawing of the blood.

The Society facilitated workshops and training in most of the regions example the trainer of trainers HIN1 workshop and have impacted the Education system by offering different courses for anyone interested in Caring for the elderly, First Aid /CPR, Home Nursing, HIV/AIDS, etc.

Guyana Red Cross Society has been rendering services that have benefitted thousands, and two of those services are Meals on wheels and the Red Cross Convalescent Home. The Meals on Wheels program caters to vulnerable groups and meals are provided daily. In some instances, the meals are delivered, while there is some person visit the organization to have theirs, the project are great assistance from members of corporate Guyana. The non-profit organization's home has also been around for decades. It was first known as the Princess Elizabeth home which caters to children with a variety of problems. It is presently located in D'Urban Backlands, the facility has been catering to children who are brought there through the Ministry of Human Services and Child Care and Protection Agency. The home caters for about Thirty- Five 35 children some of them from the Hinterland locations that need medical care in the city and they also cater to children whose parents cannot properly take care of because of the financial situation. The society offers training in First Aid and Disaster Preparedness. They do General first aid with emphasis on Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation CPR, staffs of various Organizations are invited to conduct the first aid training. The society offers the Community Disaster Response Programme, it deals with disaster risk reduction. The program is primarily conducted in Regions three, four, five, six and nine.


In conclusion, the Guyana Red Cross Society work is guided by seven fundamental principles humanity, impartiality neutrality, independence, voluntary services, unity, and universality.

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