Mahatma Gandhi Freedom of Speech: the Non-Violent Way to Fight

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Mahatma Gandhi’s speech is about Ahmedabad trial which he had faced a trial on a charge of sedition. He had faced 2 years simple imprisonment.

Mahatma Gandhi was the leader of India’s independence movement and also the architect of a form of non-violent civil disobedience that would influence the world. (The website (2014, April 2). Mahatma Gandhi Biography. Retrieved from

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After different accusations and charges that he had faced in his life, it did not change his ideology; to act in a non-violent way. He embedded in his mind that you cannot achieve peace if we will let ourselves associate into something violently.

This speech delivered by Mahatma Gandhi is to point out the injustice that India’s facing when Britain takes over their country. In this speech he revealed how unfair the Britain that time, and how silent the people of India in that issue.

He stated in this speech how biased the justice system of the Britain and how they unfairly give rights to exploiter than Indian people. But even though he knows the truth, he remained calm and accept whatever the penalty the judge would accord him. He even considered it as an honor.

I admired his bravery to accept what penalty the judge could bestow to him. His dedication to fight for what is right and how he was never afraid to work for India’s freedom and independence. I think that Mahatma Gandhi’s traits made him touch the heart of everyone including the people in other country because despite of all the things that he’s been through, he did not make violence got into him.

”The only course open to you, Mr. Judge, is, as I am just going to say in my statement, either to resign your post or inflict on me the severest penalty if you believe that the system and law you are assisting to administer are good for the people.” In this statement, he was trying to touch the heart and conscience of the people in the court; as if he was trying to make them feel a little compassion to him. He was telling that if they would not want allow injustice to succeed, make a stand with him for what they believe was not right. But Mahatma obviously did not really expect that to happen.

“In ninety-nine cases out of a hundred, justice has been denied to Indians as against Europeans in the courts of India. This is not an exaggerated picture. It is the experience of almost every Indian who has had anything to do with such cases.” Here, he stated how the British government unlawfully denied ninety-nine (99) cases out of one hundred (100) against the Europeans. He was trying to say that it was true, that he is not exaggerating, that this is what really Indians experiencing, the discrimination and unfairness when it comes to justice. “Affection cannot be manufactured or regulated by law. “ For me, in that statement he was trying to say that having a courage to fight or having a will into something should not be regulated by law because people have the right to say and to do whatever they want as long as it is contrary to the law.

“If one has no affection for a person or thing one should be free to give the fullest expression to his disaffection so long as he does not contemplate, promote or incite to violence.” Mahatma Gandhi was trying to say that if, we have different views on a certain issue, do not belittle the other party because we have our right to voice out our own opinions. As long as it does not promote anything that might end up into violence. “India is less manly under the British rule than she ever was before.” Ghandi was trying to say that India becomes poorer than ever it was before because of the British. According to Gandhi, the British are taking away its rights as a citizen of that nation. “And it has been a precious privilege for me to be able to write what I have in the various articles tendered in evidence against me.” For Gandhi, he is happy to write articles that could help the India that could make them woke to the unlawful things that the British government was trying to do. Ghandi also said that he will be much happy if it was used against him as long as it touches and awakens the mind of Indians.

What I have learned after reading Mahatma Gandhi’s speech is that; we could fight for something by not engaging into violence; We could fight for our freedom without having blood in our hands.

I idolize Gandhi for leading about 300 million Indians to freedom after being ruled by the British for about 200 years. His determination to fight injustice brought by the British Government really touches the heart of almost all Indians to also fight for its rights and freedom.

Upon reading Gandhi’s speech, it really makes me think that it is really possible to fight for something without using violence. We could achieve things without violence. For every Indian and people who believes in non-violence, he is a hero.

Mahatma Gandhi’s unorthodox methods— civil disobedience, passive resistance and nonviolence— had proved so much to the point that Gandhi’s ideology and beliefs adapted by everyone who believes in his beliefs, such as Reverend Martin Luther King Jr., Nelson Mandela and Cesar Chavez.

Imagine, Gandhi did not fight for India’s freedom? What does India might look now. I am not saying that it will be bad nor good; I am just saying that India might not be tasting this freedom that they have right now. Maybe they are still being abused by the British. India might not taste the lawful justice they taste right now unlike before.

The real hero is not Mahatma Gandhi; the real hero is the people who joined Gandhi to his movement. Gandhi is like a song, you would not know how beautiful a song if you are not going to listen to it.

Before I end this reflection paper, I want to leave my favorite line in the song Kaleidoscope World by Francis Magalona.

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