Norway - the Symbol of Beauty

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Norway – The Symbol Of Beauty

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Norway is a European country known for several things that become the symbol of beauty for travel-lovers. It is undoubtedly one of the most eye-catching countries just because of the presence of natural and man-made beauty. Fjords, glaciers, mountains, as well as the quality of being multicultural with a vivid vibrancy, are the features that make it popular among the beauty-seekers. The pleasurable colors of the city life are worth a visit. The most astonishing natural view that should never be missed out is the northern lights that are a natural phenomenon and makes the Norwegian sky a center of attention. For a tourist, Norway should be one of the top destinations on their bucket list.

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If you want to see the real sense of architecture, then do not miss out on a tour to Alesund. This is a town probably considered to be in suburbs of the main area with the never-ending appealing view and liveliness. Enjoy the taste of seafood here.

Heddal Stave Church

The gripping and incredible beauty of the largest church is a must to see. The beautiful interior has got some amazing artwork and things that take you back to the very old times. Here time seems to run once you come here and get bewitched by it.

Nordland Coast

The most beautiful drive that you have ever enjoyed is the drive on the coastal route of the Nordland Coast. It is a route that is loaded with beauty.

Lofoten Islands

Lofoten Islands have the beauty of their own. The landscapes and the natural beauty over here that stun you and leave unforgettable memories in your mind is just unable to be described in words. Foto Galleri, Lofotr Viking Museum, Kaviar Factory and Lofoten Torrfisk museum are the sites to explore in Lofoten Islands.


It is a big fjord of the country. This natural sight forces you to visit it even if you did not make a plan for it. Missing it in your traveling plan is a very big mistake. The cool and clear waters, cliffs and waterfalls are surely going to give you endless pleasure. The serene and peaceful beauty of this place is something to get a taste of which in person.

Bryggen’s old beauty

It is a historical site. The large area with a lot of buildings gives you the idea of the amazing taste of architecture. The archeological spots are noteworthy and must be visited. Here you are going to have great places to stay and explore the beauty of this place in a detailed way.

Northern Lights

The northern part of Norway has got something charismatic and miraculous. This is a natural phenomenon happening in the polar skies. The lights arising as a result of which colors arise are prominently green. The less frequently seen shades are that of brown and red. This is a place which remains crowded with a large number of tourists. The spectacular view is at its peak between the months of November and February. Midnights of summers can make you take a look at this electric phenomenon.

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