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Not a Drop to Drink By Mindy McGinnis: The Fight For Survival Just For Water

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The main character protagonists inside the book, that live in this story, all have a common trait: they are very independent in their way of thinking and how they depend on one another to survive. The novel shows that Lynn and her mother (later her and stebbs and Lucy) live highly independent of society and have matured much faster than others the same age, with the book showing that “she was 9 when she first killed to defend the pond”, and that “Lynn could drive as soon as her feet could reach the pedals”. These 2 quotes linked together just told us that she matured quickly, and was forced to do many other tasks like cutting wood, hunting, even and killing and faced hostile events that other people her age just would not hold up against, just to survive and slowly learn to be independent.

The main characters have a strong sense of independence in which they keep throughout the book even after they slowly change their hostile personalities about never trusting others during the middle and the end of the book. The main theme about this book, talks relatively implicitly hidden in the background of the story is the big hidden themes in the book, and the author wants to us to remember that the most basic things we have in life (like what everyone and the conflict started because of, water). Stebbs stated that out when said that when he told her before the water shortage: “it all started when our taps got all turned off, and the gouvernement said that we would need to go into town to buy water. Soon everyone needed to go town and people started leaving, piling into cars”. It showed that many years, the world was all completely normal, and all got disrupted due to the lack of basic resources that was caused by the wastefulness of humans. Many people in the story have died in the cluster of cities where that’s the only source of water you can find It shows a potential dystopian future (and even realistic) that us humans will get in, and in many developing countries there are fights already for basic resources like oil and water.

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After we read the book we should be able to understand the meaning behind the environmental consequences that wasting and not taking basic resources has on our not too long future, and what we can do to avoid the same kind of story in the book happening in our lives. The connections I can make incorporate the environmental aspect about not taking basic resources for granted (already talked about in the theme the author wants to tell us) and their perseverance for life and survival. This is shown in the extras of the book (after the epilogue) when they told a story when Lynn’s father abandoned her mother Lauren after he joined the military and “she decided to raise the child without any indications of the other parent. Here was a chance to remake herself without men to betray her, without a god to abandon her, without a family to question her. ‘Here you are, baby mine, ’ Lauren said quietly in the night. ‘And I will teach you how to live’. This quote showed the helplessness of Lauren before when she lived completely alone when she had to carry her baby without, but also showed her new hope and perseverance to live without the other parent’s or family influence. She even said to Lynn that she could have just and completely and solely depend on herself, in the darkest of situations and survived through it as well.


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