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  • Introduction
  • Playing American Football Abroad
  • Owning a Gym
  • Investing My Money
  • Making a Million Dollars
  • Buying a Monkey
  • Conclusion


My name is Tucker, I am a typical 18 year old that enjoys going out with my friends. Unlike my friends or other “typical” high schooler, I have a Bucket list far greater and more unique than theirs. I have an outgoing as well as a go getter personality. For example, I want to own a monkey while also owning my own gym, invest in stocks, I want to make a million dollars and, play professional football abroad. Those are my top five bucket list items and fit my personality to the T. My bucket list is not to go on spontaneous trips or doing crazy activities like everyone else’s, mine is a list of personal goals that I believe are very obtainable.

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Playing American Football Abroad

One of the items on my Bucket list is to play American football abroad. A quote from John O. Adams, ” Don’t become emotional about what you’re asking for in your contract. Negotiate from a problem solving standpoint.” I like this quote because it explains that football is more than a game, it is a business as well. To play football abroad I’d have to move overseas away from my family, which costs money and can affect me emotionally. That is why I’d have to make a decision, money wise and can not let my emotions get in the way of asking for what I NEED in my contract. Tony Simmons once said, “If you do not get a response from a team right away, do not get upset” He said that in his article How to get signed with a European team. This helps me understand not to give up on my journey to play football. To get a team to sign me can be hard and tiring. I just can’t give up. Football has been apart of my life for over 10 years as of right now, but one thing that has always helped me in my sport activities and life is working out in the gym and this is why I want to own my own gym.

Owning a Gym

When I first got interested in owning my own gym I read an article on the business aspect of being an owner. Nash Riggins was the author and of of his quotes was, “just because the economy is great does not mean you should dive right into the industry without research.” I now know that owning a gym isn’t what it is set up to be, you don’t do it for the money you do it because you love it. He also said, “No two businesses are alike, the way you run, and present your gym is what will set your gym apart against the others.” To own a gym requires a good amount of money and the investment and efforts you put into the gym will show. The amount of effort and time I would put in will show. That will set my gym apart. This is on my list because I want a place where people can have a place to get away and release steam and work on themselves.

Investing My Money

To be able to open my own gym I want and need to invest my money so in the future I can have money set aside for my family. Arielle O’Shea, who is a millionaire once said, “Research is key to investing in individual stocks.” Before I can invest my money I’d have to research multiple stocks I want to invest in and which stocks are at a higher risk of losing money versus gaining money.” Take a risk, cheap ones. They could actually pay-out very well.” that quote is from unknown. Investing money is a game. Just like football you have to take risks at times to make a play. You have to take a risk or you will never know what will happen. Investing money could help me save money, this will help me accomplish my dreams. Investing money in the right stocks could eventually put lots of money in my account.

Making a Million Dollars

That is why my next Bucket list item is to make a million dollars. “Get out of debt” Ramit Sethi said that in her article How to make a million dollars (with advice from actual millionaires). Debt is a black hole. I’ve seen lots and lots of people struggle with debts. That is why I’ve learned to be smart with my money and stay out of debt as much as I can. Steve Gillman, a well known millionaire once said, ” Money changes, 40 years from now money could have different values.” If I happen to make a 40 year investment at seven percent, I could make a million overtime. It won’t be easy to make that type of money, it’ll take a lot of times but I will go through tons of ups and downs on the way.

Buying a Monkey

The day I make a million is the day I purchase a pet monkey. There is roughly around 15,000 privately owned monkeys in the world, according to Daniel Engber. Now that I know it’s not impossible to own a monkey, I will. In Lianne Mcleod’s article, Issues with keeping a monkey as a pet, She states that a monkey can live up to 20 to 40 years but will need 100 percent commitment. Having a pet monkey by my side for up to 40 years seems like a dream. Imagine having your best friend by your side for that long. I think having a pet monkey would be the coolest thing to ever happen to me.


Like I said before my Bucket list is not like anyone else’s. Who else do you know that wants to be a professional football player, own a gym, invest money, and make a million dollars, and once they do that own a monkey… Exactly no one. We all have limited time to complete any dreams or aspirations we may have so I do not want to grow old and wish i had done more with my life and I hope whoever is reading this feels the same way that I do.

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