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Not All Black Are Bad

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What is the first thing comes into your mind if you saw a black cat? It is a bad luck right? You’ll think that an accident or disaster might happen. Next one, what would you feel if you become blind and see nothing but black? Would you feel happy? I think you’ll not, you might experience depression after all. Also black Americans, If you are born with black skin, discrimination is your twin. Things that are color black give us a lots of negative impression, but do you know that black things can actually help us? In terms of what? In terms of appearance, confidence, and to our health.

We all know for a fact that black represents sophistication, formality, and elegance that can help a person to look really good because according to Bourn (2010), color black represent sophistication and compromising excellence, also it changes the perception of your weight and as it was said in the myth, black clothes are slimming. Now, I can actually say that black clothes can help you look really good. It can help you to look more powerful, elegant, formal, sexy, sophisticated, and professional like the way how businessman looks like if they wear black formal clothes. The way how you dress can actually boost your confidence, wearing slim clothes can actually make you feel sexy, wearing black clothes makes you feel elegant, wearing formal clothes makes your feel powerful.

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According to Fashion Gone Rogue (2017), Last 2014, Kia, a car manufacturer did a survey about what made people feel confident. She included the top 10 things for women were and she stated that women wears heels and a little black dress and for men it included a suits. So black clothes can also helps us to boost our confidence by looking powerful, sophisticated, professional, and elegant. In that way, their action will reflect to their clothes because of the way they think and because their confidence was boost. Before we think about our outside appearance, we must also prioritize our health. We have a lots of black foods that can make our body healthy because according to Cameron (2011), that not only greens are healthy, black colored foods are also healthy because it has an anthocyanins wherein pigments can help to reduce the risk of cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. So black foods are not bad in our health, but, it can help us to have a healthy body.

We also know the black rice wherein, we all know that black rice includes a solid amount of fiber and it has a very high concentration of iron, phosphorus, and zinc.Now, let’s change our way of thinking that black represents negative things well in fact it not only pertains to negative things but it has a lots of positive effects that black things or black foods can give us. This black things can give us positive results in terms of our appearance, confidence, and to our health. So let’s change it now and try to think positive things because even looking at the stars at night, we disregard the darkness of the sky, but not its beauty.


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