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In the book, Nothing But the Truth at Harrison High School, the English school teacher Ms. Narwin was treated unfairly. I have many reasons, It was one-sided when it went on the newspaper and Ms. Narwin could not tell the public her side of the incident. People looked only at the bad stuff but not on the good stuff. Ms. Narwin was blamed for Philip’s suspension when Dr. Palani suspended him. Dr. Seymour made a deal with Ted Griffen. Ms. Narwin would get fired and taxes would go up because the budget was low.

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So it all started when Mr. Malloy thought putting the incident on the newspaper would be a good idea. He didn’t realize the facts were incorrect. Then around a week when it was published everyone knew the story and it became extremely popular, more than it should have been.

After that, around 200 telegrams were sent to Ms. Narwin and they were not very nice, they were very mean. Obviously, she could not do anything about it and she couldn’t defend herself. It was a one-sided argument.

People wouldn’t care if Ms. Narwin did a nice job teaching but they would care if she did something wrong, which she didn’t. People blamed it on her when it was a lie. Ms. Narwin was an excellent teacher for twenty-one years and the students liked her. The student started disliking Philip as they found out he was setting her up. That’s one of the reasons Philip left Harrison High. Even Alisson hated him because of what he was doing.

Apparently, it was Ms. Narwin’s fault that Dr. Palleni suspended Philip because again the facts were incorrect. The title of the newspaper was, A high school teacher expelled a student for being patriotic. How is that even possible? A teacher can’t expel a student. That made absolutely no sense. Philip did not get expelled, he just got a two-day suspension. Expelled is way different from suspended and it sounds way worse. Some people got fooled by it and some people didn’t.

The last reason Ms. Narwin was treated unfairly is that Dr. Seymour made a deal with Ted Griffen to get Ms. Narwin to take a break for budget. It was sort of a setup by Dr. Seymour. After that, she was asked to quit for the rest of the school year and she would get paid. This is how it happed, Dr. Seymour asked Dr. Doane to fire Ms. Narwin and he did not agree and he wanted to support Peg. It turns out Dr. Doane was included in this horrible act. Is that really fair?

Ms. Narwin was treated very unfairly and I do not know how you would disagree with this statement. Life is not fair but that’s too much. Getting fired for doing nothing wrong is very senseless and stupid. This was a disaster and it probably ruined Margert Nawin’s career. It will be a problem for her to find a job. This was agreeably taken extremely far. It probably wasn’t intended to though. Ms. Narwin was treated in an unfair way and she should take a break and teach again if she can.    

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