Novel "Animal Farm": the Theme of Leadership

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A leader takes more than just a person who wants to take charge and is intelligent. In George Orwell’s fictional novel, Animal Farm, where the pigs become the leaders and the animals accept them because the pigs are the smartest and most clever animals on the farm. This causes them to become corrupt and only care about whether they are fed or not. Unfortunately, the other animals learned this the hard way that the pigs intelligence is not the most important quality a leader could have. An adequate leader must have determination, precision, and they must be truthful.

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Truthfulness would be a probable quality to have in a leader. When George Orwell writes Napoleon’s cover-up story stating: “The van had previously been the property of the knacker, and had been bought by the veterinary surgeon, who has not yet painted out the old name out.” he is showing that Napoleon is lying about Boxer being sent to the vet when he was actually being sent to the knacker where he ended up being murdered, which goes against their initial rule of not killing another animal without reason. This shows that being truthful is a quality that most leaders should have especially if they care about what they are leading.

Determination is another great leadership characteristic to have when it comes to being a leader. Leaders must be determined to take care of and provide whatever group he/she is leading. Like when Old Major gave his speech persuading the farm animals to rebel because he feels that they deserve a better life than what they have with Mr. Jones. He has a goal to get them a better life and keeps that goal in mind. Unlike Napoleon who had a goal but didn’t stick to it and that’s why he became a corrupt leader. Without determination a leader could potentially get “lost” and not be able to continue to lead for the same reason he started.

Precision is also a great quality to have because if your not precise then that’s when things start to go wrong. Like when Napoleon lead the second battle without Snowball, animals got hurt and even died because he didn’t know how to plan a precise battle plan like Snowball did in the first place. And he doesn’t have any well-thought out plans, he kinda just goes along with whatever he sees fit, which is not a thing a leader should do. A leader should always have a well thought out plan that is precise in every way possible.

A leader takes more than just a person who wants to take charge and is intelligent. In the fictional novel Animal Farm, the other animals learn the hard way that intelligence is not the most important quality a leader should have. A leader should be truthful, determined, and precise. 

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