Nuclear Attack in There Will Come Soft Rains


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There will come softs rains, written by Ray Bradbury, focuses on a single house standing after the nuclear attack in California year 2026. The irony in the story is that technology has destroyed humans. The story has no characters and portrays a world where robots replace human jobs. They are scheduled to cook, clean, and garden. Throughout the text, Bradbury demonstrates how technology could doom humans to extinction.

I believe it is the conflict between human beings and machines that creates the heart of the story. I was drawn into the idea that humans have the potential to bring about both construction and destruction. I realized that our own creations can be used against humanity. Also, this allowed me to imagine the desolation of a world without people. My understanding of this aspect helped me to understand an important message targeted towards our generation. Throughout, Bradbury gives a timeless statement. I felt that he was trying to explain that ignorance and lack of awareness cannot protect any individual from the truth. Even if attempts are made to shield oneself from the harshness of reality, there can be no immunity to it. I think this message is incredibly relevant to today’s society as we are constantly shielding ourselves from reality using technology as a barrier. I believe humans have become increasingly dependent on technology; we have put too much faith in the machines we invent. I believe that technology can be a very dangerous thing, and in the future technology may turn its back on us. Bradbury demonstrates a world of technology and proposes that humankind is destroyed by its own arrogance. The story reflects how far the world has come to revolutionize itself, especially since the 1950s. There Will Come Soft Rains gives a glimpse of what’s to come, and for us living in 2019, 2026 shortly. We are only delaying the inevitable.

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With no human interaction and characters in the story, I imagined the story to be nothing but dull and depressing. However, Bradbury’s use of similes and personifications was the highlight of my reading experience. His use of diverse literacy techniques positively influenced me as it helped me to create imagery in my head. An example that created repulsion in me was when he describes the ‘nerves’ of the house were ‘revealed as if a surgeon had torn the skin off to let the red veins quiver in the scalded air. I found this simile very confronting to read and helped me to identify the house as a human being. Bradbury’s poetic imagery personifies the house. In addition to this, I was able to understand his purpose in using smiles. Personally, I felt that Bradbury was trying to evoke empathy from the reader. This is because he assumes the reader who identifies with the house may feel loneliness and imagine the pain of having one’s skin torn off. For me, by describing the house in human terms, I was able to show my empathy for the house. In a story with no human characters or interaction, the similes are what creates an impactful and sophisticating read.

There will come soft rains sends another important message for people in our society. As I was reading, I was brought upon a particular warning about nuclear weapons. The text helped me to understand the significance of nuclear weapons and the historical context. This text is set in an era where the people were concerned about the effects of nuclear weapons. By the time of the 1950s people had a clear memory of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima, Japan August 1945. To date, this event is still significant in our history. I think Bradbury is foreshadowing events that may occur in our future and that will have a detrimental impact on human society. The central irony of the story is that technology has destroyed humans. Today, the most urgent issue facing the United States is that a nuclear weapon could be used as a device of war and terror. If we are to avoid this catastrophe its unpredictable environmental, social, and economic effects must be addressed for our safety. Bradbury’s futuristic story sends readers something to think about, which makes the story relevant and important read to our generation.  

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